Friday, March 31, 2006

Fairy Fodder

We will soon be welcoming a fairy to our home. Of course, none of us will get to see her; I understand she is pretty shy. She'll only come while everyone is asleep. You see, Sweet Girl has lost her first tooth! On Sunday at the laundromat she came over and said "Mom, my tooth hurts". I asked her to show me. She pointed to her lower front tooth and I pushed on it. It wiggled... A lot!

I explained to Sweet Girl what was happening and Oh, my, was she ever excited about losing her first tooth! To her, the fact that she is growing up and gets to get a visit from the tooth fairy was almost too much to bear. Right away, though, she started worrying about losing the tooth or not knowing when it came out. I assured her that if she lost the tooth and couldn't find it, we would write a note to the tooth fairy, who would still pay up.

From Sunday night to Tuesday, Sweet Girl would tell every person she could find that she had her first loose tooth. Didn't matter who or where they were; they got the full story and wiggle demonstration. On Tuesday night, Sweet Girl was brushing her teeth and I was in the next room. All of a sudden I heard her call out "Mommy! I lost my tooth! I pulled it out and it didn't even hurt!"

Now here's the funny part that is all Sweet Girl: Champs is out of town, so Sweet Girl decided to put the tooth aside until her Daddy came home, since he needs to see it. On Wednesday morning, she woke up sick (a mono relapse, I'm afraid), so she missed school Wednesday and today. Her Daddy came home today, and the first thing she did when she saw him was to give him a gap-toothed grin and show him her tiny treasure. Now that he's home, you would think that she would be sleeping on a tooth right now, right? Nope. She's holding on to it until she can take it to school and show it to her friends.

In her mind, once she puts it under her pillow, the wonder of her first loose tooth will be gone and she'll have a common quarter in its place. Who knows when she'll actually decide to put it under her pillow and let the fairy have it. For now that tooth is just fairy fodder.

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princssis said...
I'd be interested to hear what the going rate is around bloggerworld! Here, the first tooth is special and gets $5! Subsequent teeth have received either a $2 bill or 2 gold dollars (special in thier own right.) I've heard of teeth going for over $10!

Geekwif said...
Wow. It sounds like the price of teeth is soaring! I don't think I ever got more than a quarter for mine, but I guess you have to keep up with inflation!

shpprgrl said...
really and truly, the teeth go for whatever i happen to have in my purse. usually 1-5 dollars. except for once, i was the horrid mother that forgot, the next night she got 10 out of guilt. also my daughter leaves a note requesting that TF not take her tooth. she has a cute toothfairy bank that has holes for saving the teeth....and saving the money. kinda strange, but it works for her.

Susan said...
25 cents? Seriously? Wow..I got a dollar for my first tooth.

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