Monday, March 27, 2006

Sweet Girl Testimony

First, I want to thank everyone for your prayers and happy thoughts on Sweet Girl's behalf. She's feeling a lot better and I can tell you why. OK, this story is overdue. Consider me cautious, or just new at this, but here goes.

I have been a Christian since I was 14 years old. I can give you a wonderful testimony of God's grace, forgiveness and mercy in my life. The things He saved me from; the gifts He's given me; the love I have found to replace years of hurt are enough to convince anyone of the reality of Salvation. I have no questions - no qualms.

Physical healing, however, has always been a different matter for me. I know that God heals. I know that miracles occur. I've always had a hard time, however, believing that they can and would occur for me or my family. I'm not sure why. I have diabetes and I know the origins of it are both genetic (both my parents and 3 of my parent's 4 children are diabetics) and the result of my overeating. I've had a hard time asking God to heal me of the diabetes. Don't get me wrong; I would love to be healed. I just have a hard time having the faith to see it happen.

So, back to Sweet Girl. As you know, in the space of three weeks she had Strep Throat, Flu and Mono. Last Saturday (March 18), was the worst day of all. She had a fever around 102 and slept for two or three hours straight on the couch while I was cleaning. We had a dinner party that night with Geekwif, The Geek and two other couples. One couple is an associate pastor and his wife and the other couple are the visitation pastors at our church. We had invited them two weeks earlier for the dinner party, and on Friday I called them all to let them know that Sweet Girl was sick and to give them the chance to back out. Since Mono is actually pretty difficult to pass on, they all decided to come over. I told Sweet Girl that, if she wanted, our guests would be happy to pray for her and ask God to make her well.

After a nice dinner, Sweet Girl (who hardly touched her plate) asked to be put to bed, but said she wanted to be prayed for first. We all gathered around her and prayed. Margaret (the Associate Pastor's wife) brought out some anointing oil and anointed her. We all asked God to heal our girl. I asked Sweet Girl if she believed that God would heal her and she said yes. After a round of hugs, we put her to bed.

Now, I have asked Him repeatedly to heal her throughout this streak of sickness. Each night before she went to bed and over and over again through the day, I asked Him to heal her. And for three weeks she was sick. The next day, however, she woke up and the fever was gone. We didn't go to church; she was still coughing and tired, but the fever broke - and never came back. She took only a short 30 minute nap.

On Monday I kept her home from school. The coughing stopped and she was bright, alert, and ready to go. Her school said she could return 24 hours after the fever was gone. I had to send her to school on Tuesday; she was bouncing off the walls on Monday. I tried to get her to take a nap on Monday; but no go. I expected her to come home from school on Tuesday just beat. She was a little tired, but not unusually so.

On Wednesday, it was complete; I got my Sweet Girl back. I took her to Chipotle's for dinner. She ate a cheese and bean quesadilla, a half a cheese quesadilla, half a side order of grilled chicken and a ton of chips and guacamole! And then asked me to take her home and give her ice cream. She ate more in one meal than she had eaten in the last three days combined, and it wasn't mac and cheese or a chicken mcnugget!

It took three days for her healing to be complete. But she was healed. Mono is supposed to run for 4 to 6 weeks, yet she has been in school and running full strength since last Tuesday. I have an appointment to have her checked on March 31; that's how long the pediatrician expected it to be around. And yet, I am 100% certain that when they test her, she won't have Mono any longer.

I am thrilled that Sweet Girl was healed. I want to shout it from the rooftops. I do wonder, though, what the key was. Why was it that 8 adults were able to successfully pray for healing when I couldn't do it alone? Going to my bible, I find that it says to call the elders together to anoint the sick and pray and they'll be healed. That's what we did, so perhaps that was the key. I asked her if she believed she could be healed and she said yes; maybe her faith that evening was the key.

I may never know what the key was but I do know that Sweet Girl was healed by a loving God, just as surly as I was saved 26 years ago. Thank you, Lord.

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