Saturday, April 1, 2006

Sweet Girl Shares

Well, Sweet Girl woke with a fever on Wednesday and I thought maybe I had missed the boat on declaring her healed from the Mono. She was home on Wednesday and Thursday, just not feeling well. I already had an appointment with her doctor set up for Friday morning, so I didn't bother to take her in.

When we went in on Friday it turned out that she doesn't have Mono; she was healed (thank you, Lord) but what she did have was round number two of Strep Throat (round one was diagnosed on February 28). Her doctor was stunned that it was Strep again, but not overly surprised; with the weather warming up, all the bacteria and viruses are getting really active. My daughter isn't the only child whose been slammed the last month or so.

Funny thing is, I woke up with a sore throat yesterday. I figured it was a touch of a virus and that the pain would go away. I knew it wasn't Mono; according to WebMD and other medical websites, you're pretty much immune by the time you're 35. So I ignored my sore throat and got Sweet Girl her medicine. Through the day, though, the sore throat didn't' ease up.

This morning I woke up feeling absolutly awful. No fever, but every swallow was like drinking knives and every muscle hurt. Thankfully my clinic is open on Saturday mornings so I hauled my butt in. The only reason I went is because Sweet Girl tested positive for Strep yesterday. I was certain the doctor would say I had a nasty virus, but both of us were shocked when my rapid test came back positive. Oh, and adults, who rarely get Strep, according to the internet, don't get a fever like a kid, so I am right in line with the symptoms. Adults aren't supposed to get this. I don't even have my tonsils; they were taken out years ago! And no, I'm not pulling an April Fool's joke; I really do have Strep throat. I have regressed to my childhood.

Wasn't it nice of Sweet Girl to share? I told you I'm working to raise a nice child! Thank God for antibiotics. I'm going to go away now. If you need me, I'll be curled in a little ball under my electric blanket. Blond Girl out.

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