Tuesday, March 14, 2006

On a Wendy's Napkin...

Perhaps of all the people who live near me, Geekwif can attest to the authenticity of this poem, for I am sure she has heard me quote it through the years.

In 1985 I was 20 years old and we had a reasonably snowy March. My roommate Ruth and I were at Wendy's eating dinner one night after a good hour of snow shoveling and digging out her 1964 Chevy Impala, Betty. After we were done eating, we got inspired by the book of Isaiah and Shakespeare. A scary combination, I know. Taking turns in verse, we wrote the following:

An Ode to March

Be not downtrodden, Oh my soul -
That ye must tread through yet... More Snow.
For such a snow it ever shall be
More abundant than the last months three!

What with freezing, falling and blowing about,
Ye shall never, with a shovel, dig thyself out.
But, with Toro key in hand
The trusty icepick and some sand,
I, like a soldier, march about
to rid myself of the snowy route!

Though my fight with winter is strong
still in my flesh I often long
and in my heart I wail and rent
for funnertime, yummertime, summertime spent!

Yes, I still know it by heart twenty one years later; I recite it to myself, complete with rolled rrr's and English accent, each March - and I still entertain myself each time. I hope you enjoyed it.

Here are a few comments from this post:
Geekwif said...
You are correct. I can attest to it. I've heard the poem many times. Pretty much every March, I think. It's still fun to hear though!
Yup, definitely looking forward to "yummertime".

HolyMama! said...
were the wendy's napkins yellow then, too? and do you still have it?

Lightning Bug's Butt said...
charming poem, Blond Girl. I can picture that miserable March day, now.

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