Sunday, August 17, 2008

Will He Ever Learn?

I swear I do not understand the male of the species.

What is it that gives them such boundless optimism that they will get their way regardless of how their woman feels about it? Why is it that they will push and push, trying repeatedly to get what they want but you don't want to give, especially in the bedroom? Never mind the fact that from the very first time you share your bed with them, you make it clear what is your space and what is their space.

I did. I made it clear: "I will give you all the lovin' you crave when I'm awake, but don't go waking me up just to meet your needs, buster." And most of all, I made it abundantly, consistently, clear that he would never be welcomed there.

And yet the male persists. Optimistic and pesky, he looks to his woman for the attention and gratification he seeks, regardless of how she may feel about it.

And so, at four o'clock this morning, after trying to fend off his advances, I finally had enough and just kicked him out of my bed.

Stupid cat. When will Gus learn that I am never going to share my pillow?

Some comments from this post:
Geekwif said...
Well, I suspect you accomplished what you set out to do. I was thinking, "Oh, dear lord, she has gone too far. I really don't want to know that."
I should have known, shouldn't I?

Thumper said...
Just when I was thinking, "punch him in the nads once and he'll never do it again..."
Gus probably doesn't even have his anymore and it wouldn't deter him anyway. Max is just like that...

David said...
funny, every time i read it, thanks.
Today I kayaked for 2 hours on our lake. It was glorious. Soon I get a massage for my sore muscles…. Life is good