Monday, April 27, 2009

Ah, so THAT'S why!

We're coming off a crazy month. We bought our new house in early March and moved in on March 21. I took a week off of work and painted two rooms. I got most everything settled and we're down to the last few boxes and small fix-it jobs before I'm ready to call us settled. New stove and dishwasher, free piano - this place has been a hothouse of activity for 5 weeks.

But not just here. 8 year-old Sweet Girl has been busy as well. After seeing a our local park district's production of "Beauty and the Beast Jr.", she had to give it a shot. We signed her up for the next production, "Annie, Jr.", a production of 50 children ranging in age from 7 to17. She (and Mom's taxi) went straight into 6 weeks of rehearsals - yes, the same time as our move and settling in. Hey, if you're going to go for a bit of stress, do it right, no?

So anyway, this being her first foray into the theatrical world, Sweet Girl was, appropriately, in the orphan chorus. She wasn't in a lot of numbers, but she was as cute as can be and did a great job. The play wrapped up last week and she has been feeling a bit as though the wind has been been let out of her sails. To congratulate her on a job well done, I bought both versions of "Annie" at Amazon; the one with Carol Burnett and then the 1999 Disney version starring Victor Garbor and Kathy Bates. It was the second version we decided to watch tonight, as the story line is closer to the original play.

As we watched the movie, we compared it to the play Sweet Girl had been in; songs changed, lines missing, different dance steps. During the song, "NYC", there is a large ensemble dance, telling the story of a hopeful star-to-be who has just arrived in New York. The number crescendos to this big routine with some 30 tap dancers, each beating a perfect rhythm to the song, while carrying a small suitcase. In the midst of the highly choreographed showstopper, Champs commented to our daughter, "you didn't do that in your show".

Without missing a beat, Sweet Girl turned to her dad and said, "of course not. We didn't have enough suitcases".

Here's some comments:
Geekwif said...
Ha! Sounds like your girl is developing a rapier wit just like her mom. :)

kenju said...

David said...
Great to find you here again, and with so much good news. Theater is WON DER FUL> I just went to see 'Tuna does Vegas' and laughed so hard I snorted!