Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Insanity is herediitary

Insanity is herediitary.

Yes, it is.

You get it from your parents.


My mother picks my daughter up from school every Monday afternoon. She takes her to school every morning, but she only has to pick her up on Monday afternoons. I think she may need to have more days per week to pick Sweet Girl up so that the repetition will help cement it in her brain.

Mom is supposed to pick Sweet Girl up at 3:50. She has to be in the building at 3:50. At 4:05 my phone rang and I figured it was Mom calling to tell me that she picked up the girl and was heading to my house (Mom likes to make obvious calls like that. "Hi Honey. It's Mom. I just wanted to let you know it's raining out." "Really Mom? So that's this water on my face! Thanks for clarifying that - I was wondering!").

No, instead, she says to me "Honey, I just got out of the doctor's office." "Did you call the school?!?!?" I asked. No, she hadn't. She started to explain and I cut her off to say that I would call the school and call her back. I called the school and they said that, yes, Sweet Girl was waiting and yes, she was wondering where her ride was. I explained that Mom was about 2 miles away and would be there shortly.

I called Mom back and told her everything was fine - just get to the school right away. She said. "OK, I will. But 100 is a bear." (Now, to truly appreciate this story, you need to understand that my mom was at a the doctor's office on 69th Avenue and Brooklyn Boulevard. The school she was going to is about 3 blocks off of 48th Avenue and Brooklyn Boulevard. To get to the school, she would cross over highway 100. ) "Mom", I asked her, "what does 100 matter?" "well, the traffic is really backed up", she said. "Mom", said I, "You aren't supposed to be on 100."

Well, that really set her off. "This is what happens when I get nervous!" she said. So I gently talked her off the roof and back into the car seat and told her to turn around. Then I bowed out and told her I'd talk to her after she got home with Sweet Girl.

Later I spoke to her and asked her how Sweet Girl was when she got there. She said that she was pretty upset, but not because she was late. It was because another kid socked her in the eye. Then she said, "even if I had hadn't had to turn around twice, I still wouldn't have been there in time to stop him". "Um, Mom, twice? Waddya mean?" She explained that she missed the Brooklyn Boulevard exit and had to turn around on 36th avenue (3 exits away from the school) and turn around and go back again.

So she got there about 4:20. Just 30 minutes after school gets out. Sigh. I'm glad the school staff is patient.

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