Saturday, March 4, 2006

In Search of the Perfect....

I am in search of the perfect...

If you read my blog, you know that I have lost 120 pounds. And you know that I am cold. Always unbelievably, inexplicably cold. Last year, when my jacket became laughable (anyone wearing a green plaid tent in the middle of winter deserves to be laughed at), my hubby made me get rid of it. I didn't have a back up. He, however, has two green LL Bean jackets, so I started wearing the warmer of the two, expecting to buy a new jacket over the summer. Problem: I forgot to buy one! Well, when this winter came, I started wearing the hubby's jacket again and searching for one for me. The problem is, I have so many requirements for the perfect jacket. It must: have an attached hood with a tie, wrists that won't let in air or snow, be long enough to cover my butt, have a tie waist to keep it snugged up to me, have a high collar that covers my chin, be soft and snuggly inside, be extremely warm... Oh yes, and be cute. Guess what? I'm still wearing the hubby's jacket. Not cute, but it does keep me warm while I continue my search.

The other day I was walking to my cubicle when I saw the cutest jacket at my co-worker's desk. I had to ask her where she got it. She said it was from Land's End. I was on the phone in about 5 seconds flat! I bought a berry colored sherpa fleece jacket with toggle buttons. Best of all, it was originally $89.00 but is on clearance for $19.99! The woman on the phone said I got the last medium in that color. While this will not work if the temperature is below 35, I can at least look cute half the time. I am thinking the LL Bean Baxter State Parka or Penobscot Parka would be the perfect all winter jacket for me, but at $199.00, I haven't had the guts to commit to one yet.

Purse: I don't think there isn't one woman out there who wouldn't flip for the perfect purse. The only problem is, that definition changes for each woman. I have to admit that I am picky. I used to carry a huge purse that fit everything for work and "life", but it ended up being huge and I looked like some over-prepared grandma everywhere I went. Therefore, "cute" became a huge factor in my search for the perfect purse. I want a small enough purse to not look like I'm toting half of Target, but it also has to be big enough to carry everything I need. Being diabetic, that means (unfortunately) a glucometer case. I've got it pared down as much as possible, but it is still the size of my wallet. Imagine carrying two wallets all the time and you'll see my dilemma. I used to try to have a purse big enough to also carry my Classic-sized Franklin Covey planner, but I have come to the conclusion that, while I want to carry it back and forth to work, it would be better to just get a tote that it fits it (and my lunch, a magazine, an umbrella...) and then carry the tote and purse to work.

Well, I thought I had solved my dilemma the other day. I found a cute pink purse at Walmart (of all places) the other night. It is absolutely perfect except... it's about 3 or 4 inches too small. If I didn't need to carry my glucometer, it would hold everything I need. Even so, I am pretty sure I am going to have to return it. The glucometer is pretty important. Yeah, I want to look stylish, but I'm not willing to kill myself in the quest, you know? I wish I could sew leather; I would just design and make my own perfect purse. It would probably look a lot like the little pink number I'm going to have to return.

Dress: When I was a little girl, I always got a new dress for Easter. It was like clockwork. Well, now that I've lost the weight and had the tummy tuck, I want a new dress for Easter like I got when I was kid. I think I found it, too. The other day when I was doing laundry at the laundromat (don't get me started - that's a whole OTHER post...) I ran next door to the ARC thrift store while my clothes were doing the maytag twist. And there I found it; a pink linen and rayon princess-seamed tank sheath, lined and with hot pink and green roses embriordered all over it. How Blond Girl could one dress get? It was only 8.99 and obviously high-quality. I bought it on the spot. Unless something even better shows up, I have found my Easter dress and I am beyond excited. Woo hoo!

Night's Sleep: Not sure what to say about this one except I wish I could go away for a week and do nothing but sleep. On a wonderful foam mattress with flannel sheets... And a down feather bed and down comforter and heated mattress pad. I'm not sure I would ever leave. Sounds heavenly, doesn't it? Well, one that note, I am off to my bed, which is pretty close to heaven. I mean, I have the firm foam mattress, the down comforter, flannel sheets and heated blanket (not mattress pad) and best of all, Champs to snuggle up to. Let's see how long it takes Sweet Girl to get me out of bed tomorrow morning!

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