Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sweet Girlisms?

So here in blog land, we call our daughter Sweet Girl. However, at home, she has a few nicknames - most of which she really doesn't like much anymore.

When she was a baby and diaper changing was a scheduled part of our existence, she got the handle "Stinkybutt"... it stuck, of course. From there, her father came up with "Pooperdoop" - another winner that has stood the test of time.

Along the way we also got "Super Girl" from the neighbor, the aforementioned "Sweet Girl" for the blog, and also Tiglet, Punkerpoo, and (a throwback from my mama), "Snickelfritz".

But the two that she hears the most are, of course, Stinkybutt and Pooperdoop - to which she replies, "I am NOT a Stinkybutt!". Just this morning I told her not to worry, we'll keep Sweet Girl around. I mean, I can't label posts about her as "Pooperdoopisms", can I?

Um, no.


Carola... said...

Why hello there!!! It has been a LONG time!! Of course I remember you!! There aren't many girls I know who are blonde who actually refer to themselves like you do! So - you are unique and memorable on so many levels! Its been a couple of years since I checked up on you [and I'm super glad you popped by!]... how old is Sweet girl now? I think she was quite young before [but since she'll always be younger than me that's not a problem to say really!]...

I laughed my head off at your rendition of the Star Wars theme. I wish I could've shown something of the night! Seriously! Well - i've added you onto my list of blogs to read again - which I'm Super excited about! Take care now and really - really great to hear from you!

utenzi said...

I vote for "Tiglet." It's less embarrassing for the poor little kid and also gives that sense of ferocity that all 9 year olds innately possess.

Blond Girl said...

@ Corola: Sweet Girl is 9 now, but will be 10 on June 12. Or, as Champs likes to say, "will be 10 if she lives that long"... Haha!

@ Utenzi: She is still very much a Tiglet; the sweetness and timidity of Piglet with the bounciness and brashness of Tigger. Believe it or not, once in a awhile we actually even call her by her given name! Whoa!