Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Intelligence Continuum

I believe there is a continuum of our own belief in our intelligence:

When we are children, we believe we know everything about a couple of things.
When we are teens, we believe we know more than our parents about everything.
When we are young adults, we believe we will know even more about everything.
When we are parents of children, they believe we know everything.
When we are parents of teenagers, they believe we know nothing.
When we are parents of young adults, we both believe that we know everything.
when we are older, we begin to realize that we really didn't know anything at all the whole way through the journey.


Paul Nichols said...

Beautiful profile photo.

Thanks for stopping by my place and letting me know you're back. And don't we know that "...all things work together for good..." I'll keep my eye on your blog. I have missed reading it.

BTW: Since we last spoke I published a book. I've had some really delightful response to it. Find the link to it here:

Paul Nichols said...

Uh...this doesn't apply to me. I've been a smarty-pants all my life. :)