Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Peddling cookies at the dentist's office....

My dentist and his assistant - well, the whole office it seems, love my cooking. It started by accident, really. First I let them know I was a Pampered Chef rep and offered a few recipes. Then one day I brought a couple of cookies from a recipe I was tweaking and testing so that I could get their opinions. Before long (and it didn't take long - I've had 3 or 4 crowns this year so I've been in the office a LOT in just a short time) I became their favorite patient. I mean, why not? I bring them cookies and I have so much work done on my mouth that I'm also assuring them all of a wonderful vacation!

But I digress... Last time I was in the office, 2 weeks ago for a crown prep, I was unable to make cookies for the dentist. It may have been the fact that I was in pain from injuring my back, or that I didn't have time to get them made as I was attending physical therapy in a pool - who knows. In any case, I promised them cookies today. I delivered. I took my "chewy chocolate chip" cookie recipe that I've been perfecting for the last few months and made "chewy oatmeal chocolate chip" cookies. I ground the oatmeal to give it a lighter tooth texture, but with the wonderfully oat flavor. I added just the right extracts to bring out the best in the chocolate. I pulled them out of the oven, packed them in a container, got in the car and went straight to the dentist's office.

I got my wonderful new crown - but not until everyone in the place had grabbed one - or two - of my new cookie creations. One person even went to remove their Invisaline braces tray just so he could have a cookie right then and there.

I got the fun of knowing my recipe works, but I had to laugh at the irony of bringing my sweet treats to the dentist's office and not getting chewed out for it!

I wonder how many cookies I would need to make to get my next crown for free?


Anonymous said...

Hey - if I can get a crown for free at your dentist, it would pay to fly there bake cookies with you all night and hit the dentist in the AM. Let me know if this works out for you as i have two coming up to complete my reconstructive surgery. :-) TJ

Blond Girl said...

TJ - I am not getting my crown for free, but I was in yesterday for a cleaning and they found another cavity that they want to deal with soon - to avoid another crown - and it's 110.00. I am out of dental benefits. I jokingly asked how many cookies I would need to bake to get the cavity for free. My dentist thought a minute and said, "I tell you what; you make lunch for me and my staff (8 people) and I will do your filling for free." So I will on June 18th. I figure it will cost me about $45.00 to cook for everyone, so it's a deal for me and he said it was worth it for him.

Pretty cool, huh?

Blond Girl said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention - they wanted to do the Visalite oral screening and I said that I so wanted to do it, but I needed to wait until next year - I've spent a ton on my mouth this year! I told her I understood the importance and told her a bit about you. My hygienist said, "you know, you've had a lot done this year. Your insurance would discount it down to just 29.00. I don't want to wait, so I'm going to do it for free". And she did. And all is healthy in my mouth. Without you, I wouldn't understand how important it is!