Monday, May 17, 2010

Getting my (satilite) signals crossed

So yesterday my husband found this pretty yellow glass ball on a ribbon hanging from a stand. He found it on CraigsList for free and asked me if I would like it. I said sure. Today he got a message saying that we weren't first to ask, but no one had come for it, so whoever got there first could have it. Classic CraigsList, right?

I grabbed the address and hopped into my car. The TomTom needed a few moments to warm up and I knew the first half of the trip, so I started on my way. About the time my TomTom was ready to go my phone rang. It was my sister-in-law, Princsiss - only she sounded really confused. I sounded really confused. Her reason was that she thought she was calling our Mother-in-law. My reason was that I had reached the point where I needed to get the directions from the TomTom before I could go any further. At this point, the conversation kinda... faltered.

Me: Yeah, so I'm, ah well, I getting this glass ball. Yeah, mom is here fine. Dang, I need to go to, um, I don't know. Wait. I gotta pull into this parking lot. OK. I need to get onto Church but I don't.. darn! It says it's waiting for a valid signal! Hmmm. I guess you're probably thinking how blond I am right now, huh? Oh wait. I got it. Oh, I see. I have to turn on your dad's street. Not the street he lived on; the one named after him.."

Princsiss: So you're mom is in then? What are you doing? What? hahahahahahahahaha. Maybe I should go and let you figure this out.

And like that. I guess it's a good thing I pulled over, because I could barely carry on a conversation, let alone find my way to the apartment with the glass ball. All that for a 6 minute trip!

Editor's Note: Yes, I did get glass ball. It is quite pretty.


Gnightgirl said...

But did you get the ball?

Carola... said...

That is SOOOO dang funny! I am one of the few females in the world who [for the most part of life, usually when it involves talking at the same time] cannot multi task. I either have to stop one and focus or vice verca. But the way you were talking, at that image is STILL in my mind! Hahahahaahh You are so funny, girl! I'm glad you still got that glass-on-a-ribbon-thing! :D I was thinking the end of the post was going to be "...due to lack of concentration, I missed the turn off and when I got there, missed out!" But seems like Champs picked the right one that would be there JUST for you! Yay!

Blond Girl said...

GNG: I sure did! Of course, my tomtom didn't tell me it was an apartment, so I had to call my hubby to find out where to go. Sigh.