Saturday, April 8, 2006

Monkey Snot

First, I have to thank all of you for your wonderful words of encouragement and your prayers the last few days. Although I haven't been able to post, I have been watching the comments and they've helped me more than you can imagine. I will continue being sunny and serving lollipops, as per your encouragement. I would, anyway; like I said in my last post, I'd rather focus on the 3/4 in the glass than the 1/4 the glass is missing.

Here's something I've been thinking of. Last week on Friday I took my zoom-zoom car in for some routine maintenance and to have a torn axle boot repaired. I always go to the same mechanic. His name is Jason and I trust him very much. The work took longer than anticipated and I needed to take Sweet Girl to the doctor, so he loaned me his vehicle. Like I said, he's a great mechanic (and a good friend). When I got back, my car was done and Jason reviewed some future repairs and maintainence that we should have done before we move. Then I was ready to leave. Halfway out of the drive, I remembered that the seal on the passenger door is coming off, so I circled back. Hopping out of the car, I asked Jason if he could easily order new seals for me. He asked me why and I showed him how the passenger door seal was falling off. "Oh", he exclaimed as he ran back into the shop, "you don't need new seals! You just need some monkey snot!"

Exccuuuse me? He returned, holding up a tube of glue. He ran a bright orange bead on the inside of the door seal, then snapped it back into place. Once that seal was tightened, he checked the other three doors and sent me on my way. He told me to turn the heat on and leave the door shut so that the heat and pressure would seal the glue. A more opportunistic mechanic would have been happy to order up a new seat of very expensive seals for me when all I really needed was some monkey snot.

I got to thinking about that today. Now that the weekend is here, I have much to do. I am going to try to get our taxes done. Good friends of ours are taking Sweet Girl for the day so she can see her best friend (I like to call her Snow White because of her dark hair and her porcelain skin) and I can focus on the taxes. Champs will take on a to-do list to try to help me get a handle on some of these things that need to be done so that I can stop feeling so stressed. Hopefully by Sunday things will look a little different around here. Not done, by any means and not new, but repaired and ready to go. A little heat, a little pressure and some monkey snot - and I think my own seals will be back in place.

Here are a few comments from this post:

Star said...
Every girl needs a good mechanic!

Carmi said...
Too bad you can't take him with you to your new hometown. He sounds like one of the few honest ones out there.

Sparkling Diamond said...
A good honest mechanic is hard to come are very lucky! And I am glad the monkey snot was glue as I was eating while reading the post...:)

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