Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A True Miracle

There are many times in life when we know we have witnessed a miracle; some small and some large. This story is of a miracle that occurred 6 years before I was born, but the passage of time does not diminish the impact.

My brother, Paddy, was born in 1958. One summer day in 1959 when he was about 7 months old, my family was gathered at my grandmother's house, as they did every Sunday afternoon. The kids would play in the backyard, the aunts would gather in the kitchen talking as dinner was prepared and the uncles would be between the two, sipping beers and supervising the kids. For the purpose of this story, you should understand that Grandma's house was on a busy street. The living room was at the front of the house, with a hallway that had the bathroom and two bedrooms and led to the kitchen at the back of the house.

Now, Paddy wasn't a very happy baby. He had colon problems and colic. Mom says he basically cried for the first year of his life. Getting him to sleep was a major feat. On this particular Sunday, Mom had finally gotten him to sleep and laid him on a blanket in the living room, in front of a large picture window.

While the aunts and mom were talking, Grandma announced out of the blue that she was going to go get Paddy. Mom objected, since she had finally gotten the baby to sleep. At first, Grandma acquiesced, but then changed her mind. "No", she said standing up, "I just feel like I have to go and get him."

As Grandma walked into the kitchen with my crying brother in her arms and sat down, the family heard a deafening crash. The uncles ran to the living room. Where the picture window once was, there was an old rusty Buick. A drunken neighbor had run his car into Grandma's living room. The man stumbled out of his car and ran away.

Three of my uncles went running after him and beat him up. They brought him back to Grandma's house where the police were already trying to calm my parents down. My uncles handed the drunk over to the police, who asked what had happened to him (the guy was a bit of a bloody mess). My uncles explained that he must have gotten banged up when he went through the window. Things were different in the fifties; the police smiled, thanked my uncles for catching him and hauled the drunk away.

It took a long time for Mom, Dad and Grandma to calm down. From that day to this, no one in our family has been able to deny that this was a genuine miracle. Who but God could have made my grandmother go and pick up a calmly sleeping baby for no reason? See, God and Grandma saved Paddy's life. When the car was pulled out of the window, Paddy's blanket was still on the living room floor.

It was in shreds.

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Geekwif said...
Holy Cow, Blond Girl!!! I've never heard this story! Two things come to mind after reading it.
1) This is certainly proof that when you think God might be whispering to you to do something, do it - no matter how silly it might seem.
2) God must have a purpose for your brother's life; a particular reason He wanted to protect him. I wonder if Paddy know this. (?)

Heather said...
The hair is standing up on the back of my neck.
I once got up from the dinner table second before a huge, sharp chunk of metal flew through the window right where I was sitting. It would have killed me. It was part of a blade from a tractor that was mowing the pasture behind our house.

E said...
That's amazing...truly amazing.

Mamacita said...
Incredible. Miracles DO happen.
Michele sent me, and I'm glad she did.

buffi said...
God is good, all the time. I love that story. Michele sent me. I'll be back!

pantrygirl said...
Hello, Michele sent me.
Sometimes when we allow our minds to open up, we can hear God calling us.
I'm glad your Grandmother heard him.

Peri said...
Wow, that is so God....... watching out for us. What a story!!

Marie said...
Oh my goodness! Your Grandma is an angel!

Laura GF said...
What an incredible story! I think that more times than not it really makes sense to listen to that inner voice. Thanks for sharing this -- I'm here from Michele's.

Jennie said...
Wow, I have goose bumps. I'm so thankful you were all blessed that day! Wow. I betcha Paddy and Grandma got lots of good snuggles that night. :)

princssis said...
WOW! That IS a miracle! I hope Paddy realizes his life was spared that day and there must've been something God had in store for his life.
Thank the Lord Grandma listened to Him!

deputyswife said...
Hello, Michele sent me!
The hairs are standing on my arm. What a true blessing not to have him taken away at such a young age.
I loved reading your blog!

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