Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Blond Girl's Question of the Day for Tuesday

Sweet Girl and I just ate dinner. Champs is out of town on his route (as per normal for Tuesday) and Mom went to a meeting, so I get the pleasure of my daughter's company to myself. This means an easy dinner and a lot of Veggie-Tales and coloring. I asked Sweet Girl what she wanted for dinner. Out of all the things in the world that she could have chosen, the only thing she wanted was buttered noodles with a touch of garlic and Parmesan cheese. Easy, huh?

So, tonight's question to you parents is this:

When your kid's get to pick the menu, what's for dinner?

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Geekwif said...
Well seeing as my only kids are the furry kind, if I let them pick the menu it would probably be fishy canned Friskies and cheese for dessert. The cheese I could handle, but the fishy canned food, not so much.

princssis said...
tacos or cheese enchiladas. CJ even likes hot salsa and peppers!

Heather said...
Ramen Noodle Soup or supper at Chick-Fil-A. That's always what my kids want!

Sandy said...
Oh, if my three-year old had his druthers we'd be eating Mac-n-Cheese three times a day, secen days a week. Luckily the 11-month old can't request meal plans yet. ;)

Holly said...
my daughter : chicken nuggets and french fries
my 10 year old son : chicken "crispy strips" and french fries.
my 11 year old son : anything in large quantites that comes with a shovel to get it in his face.

E said...
For Nic...hot dogs, hot dogs, hot dogs...and sometimes, pancakes.
For Cars...he doesn't eat much, so he never cares, but if he HAD to choose, it would be mac-n-cheese and strawberries

trusty getto said...
Um, no kidding here, noodles with butter and freshly grated parmesan cheese (no garlic). Both girls just love it!

used*to*be*me* said...
Hello. Michele sent me. Great site.
depending on who you ask, favorite meals from oldest to youngest go like this:
13 yr old: Butter spaghetti with roasted garlic
8 yr old: Crab legs and mozerella sticks
5 yr old: Chicken enchiladas and sticky rice
I miss being a kid!

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