Monday, April 24, 2006

Who Would've Thunk I'd be Happy to do Laundry?

I should be sleeping, but thanks to low blood sugar, I'm not (ah, the joys of diabetes). Since I have a pretty busy day ahead of me, I'm going to get today's posting done now and get that much further ahead. Man, what a day I had yesterday!

Since we moved here in January, I've been doing my laundry at a local laundromat. Laundromats cost a lot of money and take a pretty big chunk of time out of your day (not to mention the oogie factor of washing your clothes in the same machine that someone else just washed their underwear and who knows what else in, but I do my best not to think about that). Therefore, I've worked pretty hard trying to get us laundry capability here at the rental, only to be thwarted time and again.

See, there was a washer and dryer here when we moved in. However, they were both so old that I'm pretty sure Moses washed his tunic in them. They were just disgusting. And since I have a pretty high oogie factor, I vetoed them before we even moved in. Instead, I put out an ad at The Big Company employee classifieds for a free or cheap washer and electric dryer. Fifty dollars later, we were in business. Since Champs has a cargo van for work, we were able to easily pick them up and store them in our garage for the move. Sounds great, right?

Not so much.

It took a couple of weeks after we moved for Champs to find the time to get everything settled in the basement after moving to get the machines swapped out with the disgusting ones. Since more than half of our stuff is boxed and stored in the basement and we had something like 10 guys helping us move, the boxes were everywhere down there. Once the basement was cleaned up and Champs went to get the machines in, he found that there was a problem with the dryer. It was electric, but the house is not wired for 120 amps. Auugh! After deciding that the ancient dryer wasn't as nasty as the ancient washer, he put that one back in. So there were two dryers in our basement. Sigh.

Right away we realized we had another problem: the floor under the washer had a serious slope and the washer was so out of balance it did a dance of distress just agitating the clothes, never mind actually spinning. We tried everything to even it out and level it, but nothing was working, so we had to let it go for awhile. Sigh again.

Then I tried the ancient dryer. It took (and I am not kidding) 2 hours to dry a small load! Darn and sigh!

OK, so some time passed and lots of laundry was done at the Laundromat (Oogie). Then one day at work I saw an ad for a free gas dryer. Lo and behold, a guy at work had a 7 year-old dryer that works great; all he wanted was for it to be hauled away. Champs gladly went and got it and soon I had one wonderful Whirlpool dryer with 7 cycles and the promise of faster clothes drying. By this time, Champs had also figured out that one of the leveler feet was missing on the wash machine and got a replacement at Home Depot. I was so close to doing laundry in my own home that I could smell the Downy!

Problem: the gas connection leaked. And the venting tube was broken. Here I was, with three dryers in my basement and no clothes getting dry! Darn, darn and sigh!

Well, we got the gas thing looked at and figured out what was wrong so Champs could fix it. Then yesterday Champs was able to get the washing machine leveled and the dryer drying safely! (!!!!!!!!!!!) Four months and two days after we moved in, I got my laundry facilities back and I couldn't have been happier. I did 10 loads of laundry yesterday; all the regular stuff plus all of our summer clothes that I pulled out of storage. I think I kissed Champs about a million times through the day and thanked him repeatedly. I love my man!

I also cleaned out our coat closet, washed the cat-box and the cat, stored away our winter clothes, cleaned the house and packed four boxes of knick-knacks and baskets away in anticipation of moving in August (and Champs worked like mad, too; the yard looks fantastic). All in all, I worked my tail off but Oh, did it feel good to get it all done and to be able to do the laundry again! I do love the smell of Downy in the afternoon....

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Fetch, Rover!

I think we gave the cat the wrong name. He is named Gus, after the roly poly mouse in Disney's Cinderella. Only he's not roly poly and he isn't mousy. He is a bit cheeky like Gus and the same color, but after that the similarity ends.

If anything, I think we should have named him Rover or Fido. Why? Because this cat has taught himself to fetch.

Yes, fetch.

I have owned many cats through the years and I have never had one that fetched. Even the one who was raised with a dog would sit up to beg for food, but he never fetched. This is a new one for me. You see, it all started with pipe cleaners. I bought a package for Sweet Girl last year and she quickly went through the fun colors. The pink, purple, teal and yellow pipe cleaners are long gone. There are these orange stragglers, however, that have just hung on. I don't even remember who or how it started, but we started using the orange pipe cleaners as kitten toys. They are purrrfect cat toys! You can bend them into any shape and, when stretched out long, make a wonderful wand for the cat to bat at while leaving your hand out of the reach of unbelievably sharp little kitten talons.

Well, one day I got tired of playing with the pipe cleaner, so I tossed it on the floor. About 15 minutes or so later, the cat had carried it back to me for another play session. I gave him about 3 minutes of half-hearted playtime then threw it away again. This time he was back about 5 minutes later. I threw it to the floor right away and he went after it. The rest, as they say, is history.

Now he expects to play fetch all the time and initiates the game daily. Gus brings the pipecleaner to me, then crouches expectantly, waiting. When I throw it, he bounds off my lap, jumping as high and far as he can. I've seen him soar 5 feet in a single leap off the coffee table in pursuit of his orange obsession. He brings it back, drops it in my laps and waits - then bounds off with joyful energy at my next throw.

Gus' favorite time to play is first thing in the morning. Or just before bed. If I refuse to play, he meows at me in the that voice that can only mean "hey lady, what's your problem? I know you're planning to lop off my pro-recreational equipment next week. Can't you at least take a moment to play with me? Huh?"

And so I play fetch.




Sunday, April 16, 2006

Many Crowns

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

I always look to Easter to be a great reason to get a new dress, and this year was no different. Geekwif and I went out shopping yesterday and I bought new shoes, a new skirt and top and a new dress, as well as accessories to go with the dress I had already bought for Easter. All in all, it was so much fun to go shopping and to plan all the things I wanted to do to make me and Sweet Girl look cute for the big day.

This morning I did all I needed to do; curling irons, make-up, nail polish (for me and the girl), new shoes, hat for the Sweet Girl, etc. Right on time we tumbled out of the house resplendent and ready for the service. I'll admit, the morning was a study in stylish narcissism. Sweet Girl was set to take part in her children's church program and I was ready to sing on the worship band choir.

When we got to church, though, I had the happy and thoroughly welcome reminder that it is not all about me; it is all about HIM. Worship opened with the classic hymn "Crown Him with Many Crowns" and then the children did a processional to the song "Agnus Dei" while the worship band sang. This littlest children (of which Sweet Girl was a part) had "wings" attached to their Easter finery and danced like angels. The older children waved flags and banners. At the front of the church there was a red chair set to represent the throne of God. One girl danced around with a crown of thorns while a boy danced with a royal crown of jewels. Both crowns ended up at the throne.

The poignancy of the moment almost made me forget to sing. How many times through the years have I blithely sung "Crown Him with Many Crowns" and not thought about what those crowns were? I have long assumed it meant the crowns we earn on this earth to throw at His feet. It was different for me to think about the song in terms of the crowns that He already had.

King of the Jews.

Son of God.

Son of man.

The Great I Am.

My five year-old and all the others danced on unaware of the new facet of praise they had given me. But forever more, when I see her twirling I will think of her wings, the crowns, the throne and the absolute wonder of the all powerful King who laid down his crown of jewels to wear a crown of thorns - for me and for you. As we sang in worship, "The darling of Heaven crucified, Worthy is the Lamb!"

He is Risen! He Is Risen Indeed!

As (almost) always, read on for my question of the day...

Monday, April 10, 2006

I am finally, actually, really going to do it!

No, not tell you our names. I will never be ready to do that. But I have been blogging for almost a year and I feel like it's time to post a picture of the family. I've been seriously considering it since Geekwif posted The Truth and The Real Truth. Then Paul, who has never posted a photo, posted one of his daughters and another of him and his First Wife. Well, that inspired me and now I am ready. So, here we are this last Christmas. In fact, it was our Christmas card. I bet you can easily guess which one is Blond Girl, which one is Sweet Girl and which one is Champs.

Kinda funny, actually. I asked Champs if he felt it was safe for me to post it and he said, "Sure. Just tell them all that I'm a big man with an Irish-German temper. They won't mess with me." That's my man. You know, when we got married, we wrote our wedding vows. In addition to the classics - love, honor, respect and so forth, he promised to protect me and our children. And he has. I love how safe I feel with him.

I should have some great insight to post tonight, but I don't. Champs is leaving for his weekly three-day road trip tomorrow and I want to spend time with him before he leaves, so this is going to be a pretty quick post, actually.

Have a wonderful evening, everyone. I am going to go spend some time with my Champs and also read some more of "She's All That" by Kristen Billerbeck. Loving this book!

Here are some comments from this post:
Paul said...
Nice picture of happy people. Happy is the most important part. I can see that you're blessed.
Your family is so good-looking--we must be related.

Suzy said...
Awww how sweet!! I always wonder about the blogs I love...what the person looks like and the such. I even sometimes have this image in my head of each person when I visit their blog. I know, I'm weird that way. =o)


Geekwif said...
Hey, I know that picture! It was hanging on my refrigerator until I took everything down to pack in boxes. Nice to see your happy shiny faces again!

Russ said...
Hey Blondie...
Its me. Russ. Back to the land of Blogness.
I was lost but now I'm found.
Anyway, LOVE THE PIC!! That little girl is just adorable!! And it appears that you have no problem... that big dude in with you guys looks like he could kick some serious booty.

MissMeliss said...
Oh, sweet picture.

princssis said...
WOW! I'm so surprised! I NEVER thought you'd put "full-face" pictures on here.

Shannin said...
Great photo! SG is soooo cute!

Ginger said...
VERY nice photo! What a lovely family.

hotrodmama said...
Just browsing through your blogs and found your picture. Don't know if you'll get this as the pic was posted some time ago but I just want to tell you what a beautiful family you have. BG, do you know how pretty you are?
Love ya,

Saturday, April 8, 2006

Monkey Snot

First, I have to thank all of you for your wonderful words of encouragement and your prayers the last few days. Although I haven't been able to post, I have been watching the comments and they've helped me more than you can imagine. I will continue being sunny and serving lollipops, as per your encouragement. I would, anyway; like I said in my last post, I'd rather focus on the 3/4 in the glass than the 1/4 the glass is missing.

Here's something I've been thinking of. Last week on Friday I took my zoom-zoom car in for some routine maintenance and to have a torn axle boot repaired. I always go to the same mechanic. His name is Jason and I trust him very much. The work took longer than anticipated and I needed to take Sweet Girl to the doctor, so he loaned me his vehicle. Like I said, he's a great mechanic (and a good friend). When I got back, my car was done and Jason reviewed some future repairs and maintainence that we should have done before we move. Then I was ready to leave. Halfway out of the drive, I remembered that the seal on the passenger door is coming off, so I circled back. Hopping out of the car, I asked Jason if he could easily order new seals for me. He asked me why and I showed him how the passenger door seal was falling off. "Oh", he exclaimed as he ran back into the shop, "you don't need new seals! You just need some monkey snot!"

Exccuuuse me? He returned, holding up a tube of glue. He ran a bright orange bead on the inside of the door seal, then snapped it back into place. Once that seal was tightened, he checked the other three doors and sent me on my way. He told me to turn the heat on and leave the door shut so that the heat and pressure would seal the glue. A more opportunistic mechanic would have been happy to order up a new seat of very expensive seals for me when all I really needed was some monkey snot.

I got to thinking about that today. Now that the weekend is here, I have much to do. I am going to try to get our taxes done. Good friends of ours are taking Sweet Girl for the day so she can see her best friend (I like to call her Snow White because of her dark hair and her porcelain skin) and I can focus on the taxes. Champs will take on a to-do list to try to help me get a handle on some of these things that need to be done so that I can stop feeling so stressed. Hopefully by Sunday things will look a little different around here. Not done, by any means and not new, but repaired and ready to go. A little heat, a little pressure and some monkey snot - and I think my own seals will be back in place.

Here are a few comments from this post:

Star said...
Every girl needs a good mechanic!

Carmi said...
Too bad you can't take him with you to your new hometown. He sounds like one of the few honest ones out there.

Sparkling Diamond said...
A good honest mechanic is hard to come are very lucky! And I am glad the monkey snot was glue as I was eating while reading the post...:)

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Mommy brags on Sweet Girl....

Sweet Girl was playing on the computer today while I made dinner. She was on POGO (thanks to my mom, who taught her about it) and she was playing a frog-jumping game. She called me out to see what she had done. In the IM portion, my little kindergarten girl had typed and submitted (verbatim - spelling and punctuation included) this comment; "Shoot! I allmost got the blue fly"

Be scared, people, be very scared. My girl knows how to IM. She will NEVER have a computer in her bedroom!

OK, bragging done. Read on for today's long post.

Here are some comments from this post:
Petite Mommy said...
LOL...that is totally cute! My son just turned 5 and when I am on IM he wants to type messages to the people I am talking too! He also says he wants to make his own websites like mommy and daddy does. He also has his own computer in his bedroom. It's not soo bad right now!

shpprgrl said...
and they say 'nothing' when we ask them what they learn at school! once my little one came to me and said...mommy i made you a new screensaver for your computer. she had, and she made one for each holiday too. that was probably 1st grade. just imagine what they'll be doing when they're our age.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...
How proud you must be. When I was a kid, I wasn't allowed to touch the family STEREO!

Somewhat related thoughts

My blog, my thoughts, my canvas. Right? Right.

I've been accused and given accolades for my "sunshine and lollipops" approach to life and blogging. Generally, this approach works for me. I prefer to think of the glass as 3/4 full. There are times, though, when reality overwhelms me and I can't abide lollipops (can't dis the sunshine, though; we've waited way too long for it!).

So here are some of the things that have been on my mind today. Sorry, there's a few of them. But if you've ever wanted to get past the fluff and see what makes me tick, then you're welcome to come along for the ride.

First - Was it really worth it?: I had my gastric bypass two and a half years ago (I can't believe it's been that long all ready!) and I've lost 120 pounds. Since the day I had the surgery, people have asked me if I think they or a friend should have it. I always say that the answer is different for different people in different situations, but the one thing that anyone considering the surgery must remember is the things that got you fat will not go away just because you have the surgery. Eventually, the need to eat to deal with life will return and eventually your body will have healed enough to support the behavior. I have reached that point. And it scares me. Horribly.

In the last two months, I've gained five pounds. If I say this to anyone, they just smile and tell me not to worry; it's no big deal; everyone gains and loses five pounds; I'm just normal. I don't think my husband is even concerned. And yet, I feel powerless. I know the problem; it is snacking. I know why I'm snacking; I'm stressed. Thankfully, I still can't eat a ton and if I really listen to my body then I stop eating. But constant, low-level snacking throughout the day doesn't fill me enough to make me stop but fills me enough to feel inured to the stress. The only thing is, I am opening myself up to the stress about my diabetes and getting fat. I'm used to those stresses, though, so maybe on some level I am choosing to trade that stress for the chance to inure myself to the current stress. Or maybe I am just a weakling who is too dumb to stop myself. I don't know. I only know that I must find a way to stop this in its tracks. I worry that I won't be desirable to my husband. I don't worry that he'll stop loving me; I had that before I lost weight, but I worry that he'll be disappointed in me for failing. I worry about making my diabetes worse. I have been fat and I refuse to go back. I may not be beautiful now, but I am average and normal and healthy and by God, I am NOT giving that up. But if I fail, was all the pain and trouble I've gone through to get here worth it?

Second - Yes, it was worth it: Last week Sweet Girl's school put on a spring concert. Champs wasn't able to come since he's out of town on his job on Tuesday nights, so it was just her and me. Ohmygawd, she was so cute and all the kindergarteners just made you want to melt! Of course, I didn't get to post about it because she woke up sick the next morning and I was a little preoccupied after that! Anyway, when I got there, I dropped her off with the other kids back stage and then made my way to the front row where there appeared to be one available seat.

After confirming that no one was saving it, I put my jacket on the back and looked at the seat. It was flimsy - really flimsy! This was the kind of small light metal and plastic chair that I've spent my entire life avoiding so that I wouldn't have to suffer the embarrassment of having it collapse under me. I was pushing on it and testing the "give" in the legs when the man in the row behind me said "don't worry, you can sit there". He was a big guy - probably over 6 feet and 250 pounds. I chuckled lightly. "I know." I said, "It just looks kinda flimsy." He looked me over and said with a smile, "Oh, don't worry. You're a little thing. It's holding me; it'll hold you no problem." That man will never know what a little gift he gave me. Believe it or not, those four little words "you're a little thing" have allowed me to turn away from temptation many times this week. I want them embroidered on my brain! So yes, it was worth it.

Third - Welcome to my quiet circus of chaos: My top five strengths (and synopsis, from Now, discover Your Strengths) are, in order:

1. Communication - Ideas are a dry beginning. Events are static. You take the dry idea and enliven it with images and examples and metaphors. You want your idea to survive; your word pictures pique people's interest, sharpen their world and inspire them to act.
2. Strategic - This theme enables you to sort through clutter and find the best route. It can't be taught; it is a way of thinking. You ask questions, play out scenarios, ask "what if", making selections until you arrive at your chosen path - your strategy. Ask "What if?" Select. Strike.
3. Empathy - You can sense the emotions of those around you - instinctively you share their perspective. You don't necessarily agree with, feel pity for or condone each person's predicaments or choices, but you understand. You help people give voice to their emotional life.
4. Woo - Winning others over; strangers are not intimidating, they're energizing. You derive satisfaction from breaking the ice and making a connection. Once you make the connection, you're happy to wrap it up and move on. In your world there are no strangers, only friends you haven't met yet. Lots of them.
5. Input - You are inquisitive. You collect things because they interest you. You find so many things interesting. You keep acquiring and compiling and filing stuff away. It's interesting. It keeps your mind fresh. And perhaps one one day some of it will prove valuable.

Why do I tell you this? Because with these strengths, I am in my element organizing, directing, planning, connecting and generally making things happen. I can explain things in a way that my audience always understands. I feel confident in my ability to navigate change; I can gather the information I need, create the networking contacts to find my resources, meet the people who can either help me or direct me to someone who can and chart a path to success. In the past, this has proven both powerful and troublesome. I can be intimidating to others, especially when I know the path and I charge full strength ahead. I don't normally let that stop me.

Until now. I feel so damn overwhelmed! Our move to Illinois is only 4 months away and the list of things to do is so long and overpowering that I fear I can't get my hands and brain around it and get it all done. Although I am good at finding a path, I don't feed on overwhelming challenge the way some do. I work well under a deadline, but eventually I do break down. It's been at least 12 years since I felt this overwhelmed (and Champs didn't know me then, so this kind of emotional territory is new to him).

I am leaving a job I love (as a Communications Specialist - big surprise, huh?) and leaving the security that comes with it. I finally completed my commitment to my current position today, leaving me free to apply for any job in the company I want. I know I'm a damn good employee and I could secure a great promotion and move farther along the communication path, but it's not worth it with only four months left at the company. They aren't in our new hometown, so I can't transfer, either. I have to package my skills in a way that will speak to a need at one of the bigger employers in my new hometown.

I am leaving my mom. It should matter that I'm leaving my family, but it doesn't; not really. I don't see my brothers and sisters often. They never call me unless they need something. But my mom is different. She lived with us for two and a half years and I worry that she'll be OK. I worry that my dead-ass brothers won't care for her the way she needs. I worry that she won't take care of herself.

I'm leaving my best friend. Of all the friends I've ever had, Geekwif is the only one who has been unfailingly loyal and patient (remember the intimidating thing? Well, she's immune. Must be the Geek; he and I actually have frighteningly similar personalities, so obviously she handles both of us well). I don't worry about leaving her much since they're moving to Wisconsin anyway and we're both incredibly comfortable with all the electronic communication devises available to long-distance friendships these days.

I am happy to be moving in every other way. I'm exciting about living in the same town as Princssis and the rest of Champ's family. I am looking forward to the schooling we've chosen for Sweet Girl. We've decided that we want to build a home, so I am looking forward to that. I'm really looking forward to living in a state with more reasonable taxes (!) and I'm even looking forward to the challenge of a new career. We've prayed and prayed and we both believe that this move is the will of God for our family.

It's just the transition that is scaring the pants off of me. Or should I say, the chocolate into me. I know this stress is the reason for my eating lately. But I don't know how to succeed right now. I can't see the path. I can't communicate my need clearly to my husband. I can't understand all that he is feeling because I am too full of my stress to gauge like I normally do. I have the names of people to contact who might help and I can't bring myself to contact them. I have tons of job-finding resources building up that I haven't had the time to go through, catalog and put into action. All five of my strengths are mired in this circus of chaos. I want out! I wish I could quit my job right now and just focus on our transition. Or I wish I could call of the move and focus on my job. In the end, I know I will get it all done - the resumes, the taxes, the budgeting, the interviews to set up, the housing to find... All of it. But man, oh man, how much weight will I gain in the process and how do I let someone help me with all of this when I feel like it's all my responsibility and if I don't succeed, everyone will suffer for my failures?

Yeah, so much for lollipops, folks. It's just as well I don't have any tonight. I'd just eat it.

Don't worry, the confident Blond Girl you're used to should return soon. If she can kick some organizational butt and get a few successes under her belt in the next couple of days, that is.

Oh, and here is a quick, fun thought - full of lollipops and sunshine: A once in a century event will happen in about 2 hours: at 01:02 and three seconds a.m., the time and date will be: 01:02:03 04/05/06. Fun, huh?

Here's some comments from this post:

Praying for your Prodigal said...
Sending hugs...and prayers your way. You have a lot coming up on your stress chart! I hope you will be able to stay connected with your loved ones...with frequent phone calls, lots of e-mails, daily blogging, and yes, weekend retreats to and fro....just the girls! If you have to leave your mom and your best is worthy of scheduling some long weekends right now!
And regarding your positive will take you much further in life...than an pessimistic underpin. Stay just the way God created you! You are a blessing!

Elizabeth said...
Totally know where you are coming from on the optimistic attitude. I never get any comments on my blog and my people always say its because my attitude is tooo fluffy. "LIKE COTTON CANDY" but if I dwell on the bad things in my blog I will continue to dwell on them in my life and that gets you NOOOOOO where!!!!
Enjoyed reading!!!

Geekwif said...
First - Never ever call yourself dumb or a weakling again, okay? I might have to open up a can of whoopah on ya.
Second - You are beautiful. Trust me, I know it's not easy, but we girls have got to stop comparing ourselves to the wrong people.
Third - Of course Champs will never stop loving you! One of the reasons you married him is because he was a sure thing. You knew he was constant and that is an assurance you can rest in. (Rest is a good way of relieving the stress, by the way.)
Fourth - Delegate!! I know you know how. You tend to take everything on yourself, but you're not the only one moving. Let Champs take on some of the responsibility. He may not be the expert in some of these areas, but I bet if you and he sit down and look at it together you'll find there are jobs he can take off your shoulders.
Fifth - You are way too sweet. You make me sound too good. :) And I'm going to miss you too, but as you say, technology will keep us together.
Sixth - Pray pray pray. And I will pray with you.

kenju said...
Find something to focus on so you won't give in to the temptation. You are so positive (which I love) and I think your strengths will come back as soon as you have a handle on the move. Good luck!

princssis said...
BG - I read this last night but didn't comment then. Today, as I was waiting at jury duty, I was reading Joel Osteen's book, "Your Best Life Now". I came upon a section called "Speak Life-Changing Words". In it, reads, "'For the Lord grants wisdom! His every word is a treasure of knowledge and understanding. He grants good sense to the godly - his saints. He is their shield, protecting them and guarding thier pathway. He shows how to distinguish right from wrong, how to make the right decision every time.' I cannot tell you how many times....God supernaturally protected us and kept us from making mistakes."
"The ball is now in your court. If you want success, if you want wisdom, if you want to be prosperous and healthy, you're going to have to do more than meditate and believe; you must boldly declare words of faith and victory over yourself and your family."
BG - don't listen to those that criticize you over your "sunshine and lollipops". Those words are the positive words to keep your mind and spirit focused on the good things in life - the good things God has in store for you and your family. Keep up with the positive attitude! It will keep God's blessings flowing!
BTW - I'd recommend the book!

Saturday, April 1, 2006

Sweet Girl Shares

Well, Sweet Girl woke with a fever on Wednesday and I thought maybe I had missed the boat on declaring her healed from the Mono. She was home on Wednesday and Thursday, just not feeling well. I already had an appointment with her doctor set up for Friday morning, so I didn't bother to take her in.

When we went in on Friday it turned out that she doesn't have Mono; she was healed (thank you, Lord) but what she did have was round number two of Strep Throat (round one was diagnosed on February 28). Her doctor was stunned that it was Strep again, but not overly surprised; with the weather warming up, all the bacteria and viruses are getting really active. My daughter isn't the only child whose been slammed the last month or so.

Funny thing is, I woke up with a sore throat yesterday. I figured it was a touch of a virus and that the pain would go away. I knew it wasn't Mono; according to WebMD and other medical websites, you're pretty much immune by the time you're 35. So I ignored my sore throat and got Sweet Girl her medicine. Through the day, though, the sore throat didn't' ease up.

This morning I woke up feeling absolutly awful. No fever, but every swallow was like drinking knives and every muscle hurt. Thankfully my clinic is open on Saturday mornings so I hauled my butt in. The only reason I went is because Sweet Girl tested positive for Strep yesterday. I was certain the doctor would say I had a nasty virus, but both of us were shocked when my rapid test came back positive. Oh, and adults, who rarely get Strep, according to the internet, don't get a fever like a kid, so I am right in line with the symptoms. Adults aren't supposed to get this. I don't even have my tonsils; they were taken out years ago! And no, I'm not pulling an April Fool's joke; I really do have Strep throat. I have regressed to my childhood.

Wasn't it nice of Sweet Girl to share? I told you I'm working to raise a nice child! Thank God for antibiotics. I'm going to go away now. If you need me, I'll be curled in a little ball under my electric blanket. Blond Girl out.