Monday, September 18, 2006


You may have read about my garage sale. What I didn't say was that, during the garage sale, I also tried to pretend I was Super Woman. On Friday afternoon, Comet was over playing with Sweet Girl when two other girls in the neighborhood came over. Their mom followed to be sure it was OK for them to play together. I was fine with it since that kept Sweet Girl busy and allowed me to continue with the garage sale. I kept the windows open and the girls playing in the living room so I could hear them. Other than a few minor "do it my way!" disagreements, they had a wonderful time.

At the same time, Star needed to take Orion in for a medical appointment. She realized it would take longer than she anticipated. She knew there was no way she could keep little Twinkle amused for that long, so I took Twinkle, too. Star brought over a pack-n-play and we made jokes about putting a "baby not for sale!" sign up. About that time, Grandma Dee came over to play "cheerleader" as she called it. Thank goodness; she was a wonderful backup. For the next few hours I ran back and forth between the house, customers and Twinkle, keeping everyone happy. Finally, though, Twinkle decided she'd had enough of my arms, her stroller and her pack-n-play. She wanted freedom! Thankfully, Star got home right about then to spring her daughter from garage sale prison.

After the two neighbor girls went home, I closed up the garage sale and moved everyone indoors - just in time for my two year old niece, Belle, to arrive. Princsiss was going to a Boy Scout event with CJ and AR had to work, so I took Belle for the night. I made Alfredo and rotini (or, as we call it in this house, "cheese and twisties") for the girls and grandma. After we ate, I tossed all three in the bathtub. Again, Grandma Dee was a life saver. She sat in and supervised general bathtub chaos while I put together some oatmeal, raisin and chocolate chunk cookies (chop up the raisins and chocolate - yum!). Once the cookies were in rotation, I started assembly line washing the girls and sending them out to the living room for pajamas and hair. They all smelled so good and looked so cute!

After that, Star arrived and took Comet home - and took Sweet Girl along for a sleepover. What a treat for SG - and me! Grandma Dee went home, forever in my debt for her help and that left me and Belle. By now it was 9:00.

Now, I figured that the time to rest had finally come and I could crash. I didn't count on Belle! I showed her Sweet Girl's happy little bed with the princess canopy and explained that she would be sleeping there.

Not so fast, Blond Girl.

Belle said, "butiwannatellyousumpin" - and pointed out the three books she wanted me to read. No problem. I opened the first one to begin reading and Belle chirped, "butiwannatellyousumpin". We needed to go to the living room to rock (in all fairness, Princssis did prep me for this - I just forgot in my garage-sale-induced stupor). We went to the living room to rock. And read. Belle then decided to curl up on the couch. By herself. This told me she was ready for bed, so I brought her back in and got her laying down.

Within moments of being tucked in, Belle popped back up - "butiwannatellyousumpin" - for a drink of water. I got her laying down again and immediately she was sitting again - "butiwannatellyousumpin" - for a dolly. Then - "butiwannatellyousumpin"- for a teddy bear and finally - "butiwannatellyousumpin" - for an extra blanket in addition to her own blankie. I gave her a firm kiss and told her "I want to tell YOU something. I love you. Good night!". She gave me that look that said she knew I was done, rolled over and went right to sleep like the little angel she is.

And I went back out to the living room and fell fast asleep in front of the TV until Champs got home from work.

And then we ate oatmeal cookies together.

I'm not sure if I proved to be Super Woman, but all in all I had a wonderful day and I learned that one house can hold a LOT of estrogen!

And here are some comments from this post:
Thumper said...
LOL...butiwannatellyousumpkin is way too cute :)
Oh, and I love garage sales. I usually make a small fortune when we have them, but now we have very little stuff to hold a sale :( I need to go buy more crap, so I can have another sale next spring!
Oh! And I'm here via Michele's this time, even though I peek every day :)

princssis said...
LOL - thanks for the laughs!
I knew just from the title what this post was about! I realized the other night that both of my kids have said that! Neither one will go on with what they have to say without you acknowledging you are ready to listen!
I'll have to use "butiwannatellyousumpin" as a scrapbook page title!
Thanks, too, for jumping at the chance to show off your super-powers. I had no idea you were going to be watching so many others when I asked if you'd watch Belle. I know you were very tired. I'm so glad, once she went to sleep, that she slept well for you!

utenzi said...
Your post, Blond Girl, reminds me yet again that I could never handle having kids. I don't have that kind of patience! *wow* Just the first "iwannatellyou" would have annoyed me--by the 4th I'd have been going out of my mind.
The cheese and twisties is more my speed. I made fresh mac&cheese twice this weekend. I start with a subtle roux and then add strong tasting cheese until it's fairly robust. Great stuff after you give it a day to form flavor.
Michele sent me to witness your heaven, BG, and what would be my Hell!

Carmi said...
You sounded pretty darn super to me. Anyone who could navigate this kind of day with your energy and creativity is aces in my book.
Can you help us with our next garage sale?

Michael Manning said...
I was laughing so hard at these appointed names--so celestial and the bath tub procedure so well organized. Then I see my friend Carmi has been by so I know this IS Good Humor! Great post!!! I admire your creativity in managing the kiddos! FUN!

Geekwif said...
Very cute.

kenju said...
The next time Belle comes over, do your "butiwannatellYOUsompun" a little sooner.....LOL

HolyMama! said...
i can't BELIEVE you did that much kid watching AND a garage sale! oh my gosh. total superwoman, bg. Total!
(i love it that you don't do beige. i'd never heard of the hair/shirt thing though. so i shouldn't be wearing brown tops, huh?!)

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