Friday, September 22, 2006

13 Things that kept me from posting until almost midnight...

Thirteen Things that kept me from posting until now...

1. Snuggled with Sweet Girl and Champs first thing this morning. So much humor to get my day started - and prompted me to write my first post of the day!

2. Took Sweet Girl and Comet to school and went off to my part-time job.

3. Worked for six hours. A wholesaler brought Starbucks coffee and muffins to our office. Now, I'm not much of a coffee fan at all, but those Starbucks folks know how to make a great pumpkin muffin!

4. Got home in time to meet Sweet Girl and Comet at the corner by their school and walk them home. Fun!

5. Took Sweet Girl home so she could spend a bit of time with her daddy before he went to work at 2:45. He works second shift, so that short time with her in the morning and afternoon is really important.

6. Went to Star's house to help her set up her own new blog, Lilone Tells it Like it is! Woo Hoo! Let's welcome a new blogger to our blogosphere, shall we?

7. Took Sweet Girl to Sonic for dinner. We shared a grilled chicken sandwhich, which was lovely, and she discovered the joys of an apple limeade.

8. Went with Sweet Girl to visit Star at the local library, where she works part-time.

9. Signed up for cards at aforementioned library. Sweet Girl got a tee-shirt for getting a library card in September. Also, everyone there was exceedingly nice to me, helping me pick out books, cd's, dvd's... fun!

10. Checked out an Alton Brown cookbook. Have I ever mentioned that I am a die-hard Good Eats fan? I love that show and I can't wait to dig into the book!

11. Spent 15 minutes trying to convince Sweet Girl that it was time to leave the library while proving to her that it wasn't by constantly stopping to look at all the pretty books available to check out. Libraries can be both hazardous to your health and very healthy for you at the same time.

12. Got Sweet Girl home and went through the Good Night process; PJ's, teeth, (tickling)hair, hands, (more tickling) face, music, bed, (still more tickling) prayers, kisses....

13. Spent a few minutes cleaning up the house then came out to my family room to spend the next little while with all you wonderful people.

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