Thursday, February 22, 2007


I should do a T13 today, but I figured instead, I would relate three conversations I've had in the last 10 minutes.

Last night we had Papa Murphy's take-n-bake pizza and I got a small cheesy bread, which I saved for tonight. After some deliberation, I made it into a chicken pizza and stirred up some brownies to bake while we ate. Near the end of dinner, I got up to check the gooey goodness and sat back down. "2 More minutes", I mouthed to Champs, not yet ready to divulge the surprise to the rest of the family. Sweet Girl looked at me and asked, "what's in the oven, Mom?"

"The thermometer", I said.

"What is it checking the temperature of?" asked mini me.

"The oven", quoth I

"Oh", she breathed... and asked again "well, what's in the oven?"

"The rack", I quipped.

"What's it holding?" she tried one last time to get me to give up the goods.

"The thermometer". Champs and Grandma laughed. She sighed and gave up. Sometimes trying to talk circles around mom just won't work!


Later, I walked into the living room, past a couple of baskets full of laundry which, to my dismay, were still in the living room and not put away in our bedroom, which is Champs' assigned household duty. I went over to the coffee table where Champs was lounging and playing a video game (or was he watching T.V.? I'm not sure). I bent down and said quietly, "you know what I did on Monday night?"


"I did laundry. And I finished it on Tuesday night. Now it's Thursday. Are you wondering what your part in this is?"

"No", he deadpanned.

"Oh", I answered. "And are you wondering how hard I am going to hit you?"

He just laughed at me and went on with his game, knowing that he can push my buttons just as well as he can Madden 2000 .


Finally, I went out to the kitchen to cut up the now cooled marshmallow-slathered brownies. Ala' Alton Brown, I had baked them in a pan lined with parchment paper, so I could lift them out of the pan to cut them up. With all the melted marshmallows on top, the knife got gunked up pretty quickly - all full of warm, yummy gooeyness. I contemplated the knife and raised it to wipe it off with my fingers. As I raised it, my mom yelped, "you're not going to put that in your mouth, are you?"

"No!" I scoffed. "Do I look that stupid?"

She looked at me for a moment with the unspoken comment that when chocolate is involved...

"Never mind. Don't answer that."

Here are some comments from this post:
princssis said...
MMMM - So, how were they? Would this happen to be the special box of brownies I bought?
K - I need a chocolate fix now. And I don't have any brownie mix. (darn!)

kenju said...
Mmmmmm....bownies! I had some last week. Champs is related to mr. kenju, I think....LOL. Laundry here can remain in the basket for days and days!

Linda said...
I will lick the knife...if it's only my family eating, chances are we've already shared all the germs, between kissing and coughing and sneezing and blowing raspberries (I have young'uns!)
And I lick SHARP knives too...and don't cut my tongue!
Now I have to make brownies....sigh. Maybe I'll give in and make healthier raspberry bars instead.

carli said...
What time do you want me for dinner tomorrow night?

Minerva said...
You have me SALIVATING...
Pass some over here, or at least the recipe...

Shannin said...
Thinking of you and hoping Champs finds something soon! Still keeping my ears peeled if anything comes up with The Company.

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