Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The "boyfriend" update and other mysteries

When Sweet Girl got off the bus just a few minutes ago, she had her backpack on her back and a sheet of paper clutched in her hand. She let me see the paper; it was a piece of homework with "Anton" written all over it. I asked her what it was and she said, "my best friend gave it to me". "Oh", I replied, "so your best friend is Anton?"

"Yuep", she answered. "Anton is my best friend and my boyfriend's brother." "So, let me make sure I've got this", I asked. "Anton is your best friend and he is your boyfriend's brother. So what is your boyfriend's name?" Sweet Girl reminded me that he whispered his name on the first day of school so she doesn't know his name.

Maybe she should ask Anton. He might talk loud enough!

Today was the fourth day of school and I thought I would give Sweet Girl the chance to buy a hot lunch instead of carrying her lunch box. So I got $1.75 out and left it on the counter. When Mom got Sweet Girl ready for school, she put the money in an envelope and told her to be sure her teacher got it so she could pay for lunch.

When she got home today, Sweet Girl's face was a mess - and it looked suspiciously like peanut butter and jelly. She said that Grandma had forgotten to pack her a lunch. I explained that we sent money for hot lunch and that she should have had lunch. She said that the lunchroom lady gave her a PB&J sandwhich for lunch (the standard lunch for children who don't have lunch money or who's accounts are delinquent). The "real" lunch today was baked chicken and potatoes. I asked her if she had any of that and she hadn't. Just the PB&J sandwhich with a carton of milk.

I went through her backpack and the lunch money was gone. I tried to call her teacher but she's already gone for the day, of course. I will need to call tomorrow morning before lunch to be sure she gets her lunch paid.

So, I have two mysteries; Who is Sweet Girl's boyfriend? Where is her lunch money and why didn't she get lunch today?

Sigh. It was easier when she was a baby!

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