Thursday, September 22, 2005

Uncle Jim Takes a Walk

It's been awhile, so I figured it was time to tell another story from my family history. This one took place about 50 years ago and features my Uncle Jim and Aunt Irene. Believe me, this same story wouldn't play out the same these days.

One day my cousin Penny was outside playing in the park across the street. She was about 7 years old and back then it was generally safe enough to let your kids go down the street to play, even in the city. Now we don't even let Sweet Girl play in the backyard unsupervised. Anyway, Aunt Irene was in the kitchen getting dinner ready to put on the table and Uncle Jim, a barber, had just returned from work when Penny ran into the kitchen, crying.

"A man showed me his pee-pee and asked me to play", she said, trembling. Her shocked parents asked her what happened next. Penny said, "I ran away!" Uncle Jim took her in his arms and calmed her down, then asked Penny to take them to the park and point out the man she had seen. The three of them went off and walked about 3 blocks before Penny finally pointed out a man. "That's him, Daddy!", she said. Uncle Jim knelt down and hugged her, telling her she was a good girl. Then he told Irene to take Penny home and call the police. "Tell them to come to this street. Tell them someone was hurt." Then he walked off alone.

When the police arrived, they found Uncle Jim standing over a very bloody and beat up pervert. Uncle Jim greeted them and explained that this man had exposed himself to his 7-year old daughter, so he followed him until they could get there. They thanked him for apprehending the culprit and, noting his cuts and bruises asked what had happened.

Uncle Jim replied, "I dunno. I think he tripped. 4 times." The police thanked him and took the man away.

Now that wouldn't happen today, but there isn't a father in the world who wouldn't play it out exactly the same if it was his little girl having her innocence shattered at the local park. Having said that, I pity the fool who ever tries something like that with Sweet Girl! I also pity me, because I'll have to do the single parent thing while Champs cools his heels in jail. Because if someone hurt Sweet Girl (or me for that matter), I know Champs wouldn't stop until there was just an oily spot on the ground! I hope the cops would understand when they asked "what happened?" and Champs replied, "he fell. 39 times."

Here's some comments from this post:
Heather said...
Brad wouldn't have to hurt anyone. I would kill them and hide the body all by myself. Don't mess with my babies!

kenju said...
I would do the same thing your uncle did - if I had the strength. I was a victim of exposure 3 times in my life, and it is very scary, when you don't know how far the pervert will go.

MissMeliss said...
I'm here from Michele's tonight. Great story!
I've had a man expose himself to me, but I was 21 and in an edgy period, so I just told him I wasn't interested in little boys.

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