Tuesday, July 12, 2005

What Are You Thinking?

It's a woman thing, I know. Your husband sits quietly for awhile and you figure that something MUST be going on in there, so you smile gamely and ask, "what are you thinking?"

I'm not sure who dreads that moment more; the wife or the husband. The husband because he just wants to be left to drowse in peace. The wife because she's wondering when she'll hear something other than, "oh, nothing really".

Ask me at any moment what I am thinking and I will probably give you a song title (that's been plaguing me all morning), a work problem (that's been plaguing me all week) and a money problem (that's been plaguing me all month) as well as a happy thought to balance it all out. For some reason I have a V8 brain - and all cylinders are running at full speed, thank you.

My husband, though, is content to be on idle most of the time. I ask him what he is thinking and he genuinely doesn't have an answer. It's like he's found nirvana and forgot to leave a map to follow him. I really don't understand!

The worst time to ask what your husband is thinking is after being *loving*. There I am, suffused in the happiness of our love and forever union, so I ask the fateful question. I am silly enough to expect an answer in keeping with my emotions and what do I get? "Oh, I was thinking about that last episode of Max-X".... How did he get THERE?

This isn't a smart-or-not-smart thing. It's a guy thing. I'm learning, though. I haven't learned not to ask what he's thinking yet, but I don't ask it as often!

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