Friday, July 1, 2005

We Should Have Just Gone Home

Murphy is not well liked in our house.

His law is liked even less.

After work (where, by the way, I didn't get a darn thing done) Champs and Sweet Girl picked me up. I asked Champs what he wanted for dinner and he replied that he wasn't really hungry yet. Knowing that we didn't have much food in the house, I asked him if he wanted to go grocery shopping ("not much in the house" means we have lots of various ingredients but fall short in the complete meals category). He said "sure", so away we went.

Murphy decided to see how much fun he could have with us in the store. We got there and sat outside in the car for a few minutes making our shopping list. Before we went in, I grabbed my cell phone, made sure Champs had his wallet and locked my purse in the trunk. We are planning a birthday party for Sweet Girl (as well as Champs & Bina) for July 9th. Knowing we won't have too much in the way of "disposable cash" by then (mortgage time, you know), I decided we should get as much of the supplies and food we needed for the party as possible. It didn't take long for our cart to take on a life of it's own, and I knew this was gonna be expensive! Fast forward to the end of the trip. When I went to pay for all the groceries we picked out, I scanned Champ's check card through the reader and it came up "transaction blocked". I tried again and still "transaction blocked". I heard Murphy snicker.

I certainly couldn't understand why his card wasn't working, but in order to use mine or pay by check, I needed my purse, which was locked in the car trunk. I explained this to Champs. "Well, go get it", he said "I'm bagging groceries." I told him I needed the keys to which he replied "I don't have the keys. You do. You drove." I know I had a look of pure horror cross my face. Champs said, "You didn't!" and I, through my hand which I had slapped over my mouth, replied "Oh god, I DID!". I heard Murphy snort.

Hoping I might have left a door open so I could unlatch the trunk, I ran out to the car. The doors were locked, alright, but my keys were not in the trunk in my purse (as Champs and I had surmised), they were swinging merrily from the ignition. I had forgotten to take them out after we made our shopping list! I heard Murphy giggle.

I went back into the store, where Champs had the bright idea that I should use the ATM card and take money out. This was a great idea, so I went to the machine. New problem. See, about a month or so ago, my check card got lost so both of us got new cards. The old cards had a $500.00 per day withdrawal limit. I found out the hard way today that they didn't raise the limit on the new card; it was down to a $200.00 per day withdrawal limit... and we had $277.00 worth of groceries. I heard Murphy chuckle.

At this point, I knew we needed uniformed assistance, so I went to the service desk attendent, who called the community service cops to come out and unluck my car. It took a good 15 minutes for him to show up. The whole time, I was worrying about the ice cream melting. I know I heard Murphy laughing by now.

After the cop came (who, I might add, Sweet Girl hugged 3 times. That girl has no shame), I went back in and wrote a check for our groceries and we were finally able to leave. As we drove away, I could hear Murphy hooting....

I'm gonna find Murphy one of these days and I AM going to hurt him.

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