Thursday, July 7, 2005

Happy Birthday to the Sweetest Part of Me!

Happy Birthday to the Sweetest Part of Me

One of these days, I intend to write the story of how Champs and I met and got married; it's a great story. But the important thing today is that God, in His infinite wisdom, compassion and love brought the best man in the world for me to me. Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for the gentle man who loves me. I spent too many years in poor thinking: I thought I wasn't ever going to find love and that I must not be worthy of love and if I ever did find love, the man would treat me like crap, because that's what I had seen my whole life.

God knew better, though. He brought me Champs. His nickname was Champs when I met him and he explained that it was because the soccer team he coached won a championship. That's what his nickname means to him but to me it means so much more. He is the champion of my heart in so many ways; he protects, loves, defends, supports and keeps me in his heart. I knew these things about him shortly after I met him and I knew a lifetime with him would not dim these qualities.

When we were married, I sung a song to him that I had written. The chorus goes:

Champion of my heart
More than just a dream
You're my reality.
Of two, the strongest part.
You will always be
The sweetest part of me.

You've heard people say "my better half", right? Well, that's the idea here. That's what Champs is; the sweetest part of me. If any of you read my blog and think "she's got it all together", please know that it is first because of the absolute grace and mercy of Jesus Christ and second because of the security of walking through my life knowing that Champs will be there with me and that he loves me and our daughter.

He is the best dad! I can't believe what a blessing he is in Sweet Girl's life; I know she will grow to be a self-confident woman and to set a high standard of what she expects from her relationships. She has a wonderful example of a great husband living in front of her everyday. For that I am truly grateful.

It is Champs' birthday today! He's on the road for work, so I haven't even had the chance to give him a birthday kiss. But I have thought about it many times today. I even paid for and downloaded the "happy birthday" song to send to him in a text message, but then the phone said it was too big of a file to send (yeah, right... It wasn't too big to charge me for and send to my phone...). So, we haven't celebrated yet today; we'll celebrate on Saturday. It will be a real zoo of a party, actually. We'll be having a combo party; Sweet Girl's 5th birthday, Champs' 33rd birthday and Grandma Bina's 70th birthday. Whew! I know I'll sleep good on Saturday night; I'll be exhausted from the party!

So, happy birthday, hubba-hubba-licious! May your year bring you new joys, new victories and more happiness than you've ever had before. I love you today and I will love you more and more every day. Times 5. Plus 4. Times 3 to the 8th power. Plus infinity.

Times 1.

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