Monday, June 20, 2005

Sweet Girl just turned 5, a fact that she is intent on spreading to the world. I truly think she will not be happy until everyone knows she has achieved this milestone. Case in point; we went shopping on her birthday, sneaking birthday presents into the cart as we went. When we were done, I sent her and Champs to the snack bar while I paid for the bounty. As I went to join them, I passed by the security guard. He saw me wave to them and smiled. "It's her birthday", he informed me. "Yes, it is..." "She's five", he further enlightened me. "I see she got to you, too" was my weak reply. I love that kid, but man! She is the most outgoing child in the world. There are no strangers in her world, only friends she hasn't met yet. There's no use telling her not to speak to strangers, so we try to get her to understand that she can only speak to people Mommy and Daddy and Grandma are talking to. Is it working? Somewhat. I pray over her more for safety and wisdom than you can imagine.

Speaking of prayer, we were sitting down for dinner the other night and I told Sweet Girl it was her turn to give thanks. She said "but I don't know what to do". "Sure you do", I told her. "Just thank God for the food and ask Jesus for what you want to ask." After informing us that she would ask Grandma Bina for help if needed, she started: "Dear Jesus, thank you for today. Thank you for this food. Please bless it to our bodies AND please keep my Mommy safe as she travels to work AND please make Grandma's legs and mouth feel better AND bless the food to our bodies AND bless Daddy as he travels AND bless the food to our bodies. In Jesus' name, Amen." Both Grandma B and I assured Sweet Girl that this was a perfectly wonderful prayer; she smiled and said, "I didn't even need Grandma's help! God helped me, though." "He did?” I asked. "Yep! He did the ANDS". Ah, child, you slay me.

It's Father's Day today. Being that it's a week to payday, I was caught without the funds to pull off a big celebration. At least I was thinking earlier in the week and picked up cards for Champs. I managed to give him presents, though. Thank goodness for gift coupons. One is for a backrub, one is for a beaded bracelet or necklace of his choice (of course, utilizing very MANLY beads!) and one for a $50.00 shopping spree to the Home Depot or whatever store he wants. I know he'll enjoy it. There are at least 6 kinds of saws that he doesn't have yet. He wants a sawzall, a miter saw, a table saw... I never realized men had so many ways to cut stuff. At first I couldn't begin to comprehend the need. Then I thought, "shoes"... and it all became clear. It's summer; take sandals for instance. I need sandals for work, sandals for play, sandals suitable for dresses and sandals suitable for capris - and I need them in white, brown and black, not to mention a few fun colors like pink, aqua and lime green. OK, let me get my sandals and you can have the saws.

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