Saturday, June 25, 2005

Ants Like Chocolate Chunk

Sweet Girl is a riot! Lately she has been bugging out (pun absolutely intended) every time she sees a fly or ant in the house. We keep telling her that a fly can't hurt her - just say "shoo fly!" and it will go away. This doesn't really work. I think we have the ant thing conquered, though. I owe it all to Geekwif.

See, on Thursday, Geekwif helped Sweet Girl make chocolate chunk cookies. She sent some home here for Champs, as he gets home from three days on the road on Thursday and kept some for The Geek who was pulling an all-nighter at work. This was really noble on Geekwif's part because she hates chocolate. I suppose abhors chocolate might be a better way of putting it. In any case, fast forward to today. Sweet Girl asked for one of "my cookies that I baked on Thursday at Geekwif's" (lest, of course, I should lack the ability to know that these were, indeed her cookies). She dropped a little crumb of cookie on the floor. About an hour later, she looked down and said "Aaahhhgg! The cookie is moving! No, there are two ants! Mommy, ants!" and so on, dancing in place.

I explained (for about the hundredth time) "it's OK, honey, they won't hurt you." She remained unconvinced, so I elaborated. "Sweetie, they're just looking for something sweet to eat. They like sugar." "Oh!", she exclaimed brightly "I'll get them some sugar." "No!", I quickly warned her, "they'll bring friends!" At this point, Sweet Girl leaned way down, cocked her ear and listened intently. "Mommy! They said they like my cookies! I am a good cookie maker!" After that, the ants were her best friends. Flies still freak her out.

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Geekwif said...

Sorry about the ants. And you're right about the fly thing not working. Now she just jumps up and down screaming at the top of her lungs, "Shoo fly, shoo!! Shoo fly, shoo!! Shoo fly, shoo!! Shoo fly, shoo!! Shoo fly, shoo!!"

It's actually pretty cute - in a very loud sort of way.

12:09 PM
Hot Rod Mama (in this case, Granmama) said...

I am absolutely LOVING the antics and phraseology of Sweet Girl. For those who haven't had the privilege of meeting her in person, she's even cuter and sweeter than your blogs make her out to be.
By the way, Blond Girl, did you know that "Party Pal" (she came with me to your Longaberger party) actually thought I was one of Sweet Girl's real grandmas? To die for.

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