Sunday, June 25, 2006

Moving: A Nice Idea if You Can Handle the Stress!

Our family is moving to Illinios in August. The second week of July we are heading down for a week to try to find a place to live and, hopefully, get some jobs lined up. We're driving in two vehicles; our car and Champs' truck with a U-Haul trailer filled to the gills. We're going to get a storage space and drop off all the stuff until we move. Then we're going to leave the truck at Princsiss' home (Thanks sis!) until we move.

We're hoping to also take our cat down and leave him with someone for the month. The move will be a four day process; two of them driving. The cat doesn't travel well. Our vet is two blocks away and he caterwauls the entire time! We'll have to drug him for the trip, so it would be easier and better for him to be drugged for one day instead of two. Also, we don't know for sure if a hotel will allow the cat overnight. We want to get another cat to keep Gus company, but it's too much work figuring out how to move him, much less move two of them. We'll get another cat in Illinois, probably.

We'll move in Mid-August. That will be, as I mentioned, a four-day process:
Day one: Get the 24-foot truck and load it.
Day two: Leave very early and drive to Wisconsin Dells and spend the afternoon playing and get some good sleep.
Day three: Finish the drive to Champaign (Champs will drive the truck and I'll have Sweet Girl in the car) and start unloading the truck.
Day four: Finish unloading, get our stuff from the storage space, and return the truck.

I was saying the other day that the stress of this move is almost doing me in. I figure, what with arranging the move and then getting everything settled and starting a new job, etc. I should be almost back to normal in, oh, say... October - just in time for the holidays.

I am trying to be positive and upbeat about all of this, but there is just so much going on and so many details to see to - and it seems to be all my responsibility. Champs is on the road three days a week, so I am taking care of the small details. Thank goodness I have him to help with the heavy lifting! haha!

I'm excited about the move, but I'm not happy about leaving my job and my family. What I am excited about, though, is the change in pace for our family. Hopefully Champs will have a normal, in town job that will let him come home every night and I am hoping to start a new business. So it isn't all bad. It isn't all good. It is all busy, and all stress, but when it's done, everything should be right where it's supposed to be.

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