Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Some More Tee Shirts for You

OK Folks... Here are the rest of the shirts that I want for my collection and more about our move.

One of these days, I'm going to find Murphy and kick his ever-lovin' @ss! (Red tee with bold black print)
Many of you have been waiting patiently to find out what we named our cute orange and blue kitten. Well, he had named him Chief. It fit; the Illinois family was ready to love the little cuss based on his name and coloring alone. Sweet Girl was beside herself waiting for him to arrive. And then it happened; Murphy stuck his stupid nose where it wasn't wanted. I submit to you the phone call...

Blond Girl: Hi! We're all moved in an ready to come get our kitty!

Kitty Giving Guy: Ah, yeah. Well, there's a problem with that.

BG: Oooookay.. What?

KGG: Well, the other night a family came to pick up the other boy cat and I wasn't home. My son gave him your cat by mistake. Your cat is gone.

BG: NOOOOO! That's our cat! Can you get him back?

KGG: Well, they came from out of town to get him. You can still have the other boy cat. He's the only one left and he's still here...

BG: But, we came over and picked out our cat special and you agreed to hold him for me. I mean, he has a name and everything! We've bought all the stuff and our little girl has been counting the minutes until he comes home. Can you call the other people and see if they'll trade?

*** a while later***

KGG: Well, I spoke to them. They won't give him up. They said they've given him to a child.

BG: Yes, but we had already given him to a child - first!

*** a day of tense frustration ensues, and then the inevitable - we told the child ***

BG: Well, honey, we will be bringing home the kitty's brother, instead. He looks like the other kitty, only tan colored instead of orange. What do you think? We can still call him Chief.

Sweet Girl: No, I don't like chief. I want to call him Gus. His name is Gus. Can we go get him tonight? (can't you just feel the emotional turmoil and disappointment of the child? Insert snigger here)

So, we don't have blue and orange Chief. We have tan and hazel Gus, like the mouse Gus in Cinderella. It's appropriate. As it turns out, I may possibly forgive Murphy, but only this one time. Gus is a cutie and has already turned into a mamma's boy. He's all kitten and is keeping me on my toes. Or, attacking my toes, depending on the time of day and how much sleep and food he has had recently.

Welcome home, Gus.

I'll create my own trouble, thank you very much! (White tee with neon print - either green or pink)
OK, so as if moving wasn't enough, I had to set goals. Yes, goals. I know, I'm weird. See, since I knew I wanted to get settled in after the move as soon as possible, I did the one thing that would ensure I would get my work done: I scheduled a Longaberger party for one week after our move. Then, too, there was the fact that, prior to the move, I had agreed to sing a solo at church - and it turned out to be one week and one day after the move. Oh yeah - and then there was that invitation to the people who moved into our old house to come for dinner on Sunday night. After all the work during the week to get settled, the weekend was overwhelmingly busy and I had no one to blame but myself. Oh well; it was good to get back to work on Monday so I could rest!

The one who dies with the most baskets wins (baby blue tee with an embroidered basket and brown print)
No, I don't really believe that; but it is fun to say. That Longaberger party I talked about? Well, it was a GREAT party! The company had this incredibly fantastic sale and everyone took advantage of the savings. Oh, and I bought a few baskets myself. OK, I bought a LOT of baskets. And pottery. And wrought iron. What can I say? In more than 3 years of Longaberger devotion, I have never been in a financial position to buy more than one or two items. But this time, I got my yearly bonus right at the time when I could play a bit. I can't wait for my new corner stand and baskets to come!

Help! I'm talking and I can't shut up! (red tee with white print)
No, I don't have a story for this... It's just a tee shirt that I should have. It fits.

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Thumper said...
Ah, see, you get the kitty you're meant for! Gus is sooooo pretty :) And I am such a sucker for kitties...I hope you post more pictures!

Geekwif said...
I knew you wouldn't be able to help falling in love with that little guy. I mean, just look at that darlin' little head. He's so cute!
I like the basket t-shirt idea. If you make that one, I want one too, k?

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