Friday, January 19, 2007

Thirteen Shows Blond Girl loves and hates on cable TV!

I can't remember the last time I really watched network TV... seems I'm always on the cable channels. So here's some thumbs up and thumbs down in no particular order...

1. LOVE: My absolute favorite: Good Eats!!!! (Food Network) Alton Brown is my crack, as Champs likes to say. Even if it's a food I don't like, I still enjoy the show. Alton put the "kitsch" into kitchen.

2. HATE: Football. (ESPN) But I put up with it because I love my man.

3. LOVE: Designed to Sell (HGTV) I get such a kick out of seeing how much the houses improve and how quickly they get offers after the work is done. Besides, Lisa LaPorta is so stinking short!

4. HATE: Buy Me (HGTV) Way too much drama for me. Just take the offer and sell the house already, you moronic complainers!

5. LOVE: 30 Minute Meals with Rachel Ray (Food Network) She's perky, she's smart and she welds a mean santuko!

6. HATE: Sponge Bob Squarepants (Nick) I don't know if it's his voice or his attitude, but every time I see that show I just want to run screaming.

7. LOVE: American Chopper (TLC) Yeah, I know it's a surprise that I enjoy a motercycle show, but I really like to see Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. doing their give and take over the latest design.

8. HATE: COPS (Spike TV) My husband loves this show and I just think it is the biggest waste of camera time out there. The idiots they feature on the show actually sign a waiver. That means they know they're idiots and they're willing to show the world. sheesh.

9. LOVE: What Not to Wear (TLC) If my friends ever put me on that show, I would SO lose all my pink tee-shirts. But hey, $5000.00 and the chance to hear Stacy say "shut up!" when she sees me... priceless.

10. HATE: The Barefoot Contessa (Food Network) I suppose I shouldn't dislike this show, but she just bugs the everliving daylights out of me!

11. LOVE: Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe (Discovery Channel) Gotta love a guy who is willing to sing opera while slicing a dead fish in half with a machete. Bring it on!

12. HATE: Man Vs. Wild (Discovery Channel) Put him in a mall on the day after Thanksgiving. If he can survive that, maybe then I'll watch.

13. LOVE: Iron Chef America (Food Network) Champs and I watch this every Sunday night. I dunno if it's Alton as the commentator, or the iron chefs or the secret ingredient, but we just love watching it and trying to guess who will win.

Here are some comments from this post:
Sabi said...
Our Mommakitty (who is blond) LOVES the "Good Eats" show! Do you think Alton Brown has any good cat food recipes?

amy said...
Love this list..I was addicted to Rachel and Paula deen forever but now I just watch it when there are recipes I can actually make

Caylynn said...
Cool list! I watch a lot of shows on Discovery, but none of the ones you mention. My favourite on Discovery is "Mythbusters."
Thanks for stopping by and have a good day!

Chickadee said...
I LOVE Dirty Jobs! Mike is so funny, sometimes obnoxious and it's just as much fun to watch the reactions of the people he is working with.
Thanks for stopping by my 13!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...
Alton Brown ROCKS.
The best was the day after we'd seen the Good Eats about soy sauce and were standing in the grocery, reading the labels on soy sauce, looking for the kind with only soy sauce (as opposed to other additives). Another man who was shopping overheard us and switched brands to the one we picked!

Christine said...
I'm not familiar with some of these shows. I do love What Not To Wear, and live in deathly fear they will show up on my doorstep some day.

Thumper said...
I've never figured out the appeal of "Buy Me." You don't take anything away from it other that the people either sold their house or don't.
But I do love "Designed to Sell." You can actually learn stuff watching that. Plus, I like Clive ;)

Jeannine said...
I don't even have a TV!!
Happy late TT!

princssis said...
Great idea for a TT! I'm glad you're writing about something fun again!
I have to admit, we are similar in yet, another, area!
CJ absolutely loves Mythbusters!

Geekwif said...
I've never seen most of these shows since I don't have cable. I saw one episode of what not to wear at your place a long time ago. I love before and after stuff, so I'm sure if we had cable it would be a favorite.

Thumper said...
OK, I watched another episode of "Buy Me" at 2 a.m. (couldn't sleep, figured that might do me...) All I wanted to do was reach through the TV and slap the boogers out of the lady trying to sell the house.
Maybe that's the appeal. Feeling superior. I watched and was pretty sure a 10 year old would come across better than the whiner showcased on that episode.

utenzi said...
There's a few shows there that I've never watched but I agree with you almost 100% on those that I've seen. The motorcycle show is an exception. Bores me to tears. And while I adore Rachel Ray's cute little face she's getting a mite overexposed. She's almost to the point where I run away whenever I see her on the tube.
I used to like Barefoot Contessa but that was years ago. Now she just strikes me as kinda creepy in a weird way.

Carmi said...
Cool how your list would almost match mine. I don't watch a lot of television - no time these days - but I still like to keep up on what I like and dislike. There's a lot of garbage out there today, but a wise viewer can find the few gems that, in my view, are better than anything broadcast in recent years.

Mr. Althouse said...
I'm with you on American Chopper and Cops. But I don't watch too much TV generally.

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