Sunday, January 21, 2007

Grandma Bobbi, the Bypass and the Roadtrip

Carmi just dropped by to ask how my mom is doing. I got the biggest smile to think that someone outside of the family is thinking of her. Thanks, Carmi! I am happy to answer that question and to share some encouraging and hopeful news.

My mom's surgery went well. Without going into a too medically detailed explanation, she had an artificial graft inserted into the left side of her neck to connect her carotid artery to her brachial artery, thus bypassing a large clot at the head of the brachial artery and restoring blood flow to her right arm and the back side of her brain. This has helped to stop both the pain her her arm and the dizzy spells she was enduring. She met with her surgoen last week. He is very pleased with the outcome of her operation and has given her the approval to travel. Woo HOO!

First stop on her interary? Well Blond Girl and company, of course! As of today, her plan is to leave on Thursday and stay with us for at least a month - and hopefully until after Easter. After that, she'll travel on to Texas to see friends and then to my sister's home in Phoenix to see my niece graduate from high school. Then she'll reverse her direction and head back to us. When she goes home in the spring, she'll have another bypass operation - this time in her leg. The surgoen wants to wait so that she can have the surgery when the weather is warm and she can get outside to walk slowly. When she goes home, she'll leave her small dog, Lucy, with us and then we'll take Lucy back to her when we go home to Minnesota to visit.

I expect that during the 30-45 days that she is here with us I will have my hernia repair operation. In 2003 - 2005, when I had my gastric bypass and resulting 3 surgeries to repair problems from the surgery, she lived with us and was a huge part of my recovery. I have to admit that having her here will be a great comfort to me and to Sweet Girl.

Oh, Sweet Girl! Just today we were driving around talking about something in Minnesota. I can't even remember what, but it triggered in Sweet Girl a great wave of homesickness for her Nana. I comforted her as best I could through her tears. I didn't tell her that Grandma is coming next week, because I don't want to say anything until she's on the road, but it made me so happy that she will be here. I miss her, Sweet Girl misses her and, yes, even Champs misses his mother-in-law.

So to answer your question, Carmi, she is well and heading this way! Yeeeeehaw!

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Sarch said...
Blond Girl I meandered in via Micheles and am glad I did.
What great news that is about your mother. You and Sweet Girl are very blessed to have her in your life. I am glad to hear you are aware of just how special she is. Being around you and the love you obviously have for her will help her in her recovery process much like she helped you in the past.
Good for her and good for you and Sweet Girl!

indigo said...
I'm glad to hear that your mom has recovered from her op, and that she's travelling to you soon.

srp said...
Here from Michele.
So glad to hear that your mom is doing well after surgery. And well enough to travel your direction. That little girl will have so much fun with her grandma.
Take care and good luck in your new venture.

PI said...
My goodness what a lot you and your Mum have been going through. All my best wishes and prayers for you both to make full recoveries and that the rest of the year will be a happy one.
I got entwined with you and Dave on Michelle's site:)

kenju said...
Not only will Sweet Girl enjoy your mom - I think it will help your overall state of mind to have her there too! Such good news, BG, and I happy for you!
I hope the snow doesn't impede your mom's progress!

margalit said...
What good news and such a fast recovery. Heart surgery has changed so much that it's just not the huge deal it once was. And that's from someone with in ICD implanted in their heart!

utenzi said...
I work in a cardiology department so I hear about operations like that frequently since they do other types of vascular surgery as well. Even when the surgeon considers it a routine surgery it's anything but routine to the patient and their family. I'm glad your mom pulled through her surgery with flying colors, BG, and I hope that she does just as well when she has her leg surgery too. Good luck with your hernia repair operation too, BG.

Carmi said...
Thanks for sharing the good news, BG. I'm so glad she's come through with flying colors. Kudos to her for heading out on the road and living life as it's meant to be lived. Sounds like you inherited her spunk.
Dave put it best, and he echoed my thoughts when our daughter had surgery at the age of 2: to the surgeons, it's routine. But when it's your [child, mother, close relation...] it's anything but routine.
I'm so glad your daughter will be able to spend so much time with her Nana. I'm so glad she'll be there for you, too. That's why we cherish family so much.

Toni said...
Hi Blond Girl! Hello from Michele, and she sent me!
This is great news that your mom is doing well. I may not know you, nor your mother, but I have a mom whom I love deeply. I hope her good health carries on!

Shannin said...
Glad your mom is recovering nicely and that she will be with you for the next several weeks...

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