Thursday, October 5, 2006

Thirteen Things about Geekwif

Yes, I know I owe a real post and I will get there. I have been running all week. However, since I had to post my T13 and since she is so important to me, I thought I would tell everyone just a few things about why I am so glad that Geekwif is my best friend.

1. The way she makes me laugh - at myself, at life, at the good stuff and the hard stuff - Geekwif has a way of seeing the lighter side of anything.

2. She lets me get her hooked into my escapades. Take beading, scrapbooking, stamping... I got her hooked on those. In many cases, she has eclipsed me, but I still got her going.

3. She gets me hooked into her latest escapades - normally computer based. Geekwif discovered making tiles on the internet, and so she showed me. We both went nuts for a while. Just check out Tile Machine and do a search by artist. My stuff is all by Cathreeno and her's is all by Eight. It can be pretty addicting. Oh yeah, then there was the blog thing... yeup, she got me started on this... and on the T13...

4. Her loyalty. I have lost other friends when I ceased to be the "flavor of the day" or through petty arguments. Not Geekwif. We have weathered a couple of disagreements that might have made others walk away. However, she understands the value of a friend and has stood by. You could ask our friend, Little B - she and Geekwif have been close friends for something like 15 years now.

5. Her tenacity. Geekwif will not let the separation of a few miles change our friendship. Yes, it does mean we cannot go shopping together as often, but it does not change what her friends mean to her. See, Little B, who I just mentioned? Well, she moved to Tennessee 8 or 10 years ago. She and Geekwif are still very close, talking and e-mailing often and seeing each other anytime they are in the same town. I was extremely comforted by this when we were planning to move from MN to IL.

6. Her truthfulness. Geekwif is not an outspoken person and doesn't like to go to great lengths to make sure everyone knows her opinion. That said, she will speak the truth in love when it is needed. Case in point: The first couple of years of Sweet Girl's life, I was always morbidly afraid that she or Champs would die on me suddenly. It was on my mind constantly. Finally, Geekwif wrote me a note telling me that she hated to see me feeling the way that I did and observing that I watched E.R. consistently. She presented the possibility that watching families constantly dealing with the unexpected emergencies might be contributing to my anxiety. Then she left the ball in my court. I did decide to stop watching E.R. I still worry about my family, but the near constant barrage of worry has been greatly reduced, thanks to the wisdom of my friend.

7. We enjoy some of the same things - such as reading, shopping, beading...

8. We enjoy different things, but can share that joy. I am not much of a gardener; I seem to kill every plant I try to help. Geekwif, on the other hand, is a gardening fiend and loves to share her successes and ideas with me. She knows that I'll enjoy it for her sake, if not for my own.

9. Her view of God. When I need to talk about a particular issue, be it theological or spiritual and personal, she will hash it out with me. With Bible verses. And a love of the truth. We usually reach the same conclusion, but it is fun getting there. Also, no one I know has as much fun as we do planning our futures in Heaven... (tee hee)

10. She loves personality quizzes as much as I do! When we were younger, before the proliferation of on-line quizzes, we used to meet at my house of a Saturday morning and, over a brunch of eggs, cheese and avocado (yum!) do the latest quiz in "Glamour Magazine". We still remember the difference between a husband-husband and a boyfriend-husband.

11. Then there is the shared Longaberger obsession... we've been known to share bundled basket orders to save money. She used to be a consultant and I think I may have been her most consistent customer. I must have been; at last count, I've got something like 44 baskets around here... and don't even get me started on the pottery!

12. Geekwif is someone with whom I can share my fondest dreams and biggest hopes... and know they will be nurtured and held safe from the unwelcome scrutiny of gossip and jealousy.

13. We just click - it's our personalities, I think. Everyone has a certain personality type that works for them and our friendship bears this out. Geekwif has a personality that is actually a lot like my husband, Champs. And my personality is a lot like The Geek's (her husband). Sometimes we laugh about how much alike our marriages are, only flipped.

So there it is... 13 reasons why Geekwif is my friend (trust me, I could come up with more!) I pray she always will be my friend.

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Cheryl said...
You have an awesome friend! I hope I can find a friend like that :)

Geekwif said...
Okay, seriously, NOT worthy! But thanks so much for your sweet list nonetheless. It is true that we do share a love of many of the same things and the sharing is sometimes the best part. I mean, bead shopping – or any kind of shopping for that matter – is just not the same without you there!
(sniff sniff) I miss my friend! :(

Trish said...
Aww.. sweet. :)
And belated happy Birthday!

Faith said...
How awesome to have such a wonderful friend!!! You are both very blessed!!

Carmi said...
I feel inspired after reading this. You've written so poignantly about the power of friendship.

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