Friday, June 4, 2010

5 Days in Forks

I should have been writing all this week (goodness knows there's enough material around here, what with Champs out of work, Grandma B visiting for the summer and work at The Big Company becoming a bit stressful), but I haven't been. Why? Because on Sunday afternoon my slightly obsessive personality and I went to the library.

And I found The Twilight Saga - the first three books.

Now, I had decided long ago not to see the movie. I'd seen the previews, read about the teenage devotion to Robert Pattison, saw the fervor for all things Edward and Bella... it seemed as though it would hold no interest for me, a nice mature mom and customer service representative. Also, I'm a Christian. There's more edifying things to watch than a movie about vampires, right? Right.

But then one day about 4 months ago, I was going through YouTube looking at snippets of TV shows when I found the entire Twilight movie posted in parts. I watched it and was surprised that it turned out to be pretty good. Nothing life changing, but I enjoyed it. And then forgot - until last Sunday.

Walking through the shelves, I didn't see anything of interest. I was in a mood for a romance, but I didn't see anything that caught my eye. I've already read every romance by my favorite author, Catherine Anderson and didn't feel like a repeat visit. That's when I saw the display of Twilight books - the first three, anyway. I decided to get them. I figured it could do no harm; unlike witchcraft, which is real and forbidden, these books were a story about vampires - fictional beings.

And oh! What a story! The first book, Twilight, was so much better than the movie ever thought of being. And each story after that was better than the last. Geekwif, who knows me well, warned me not to stay up all night reading. And I didn't - much. I only read until 1:30 or so each morning. And between calls, during breaks, at the pool, before and after meals, and while the family watched TV... The books pulled me in and wouldn't let me go. By dint of my friendship with the librarian, I was able to get the last book, Breaking Dawn, on Wednesday evening and finished it - all 750 pages or so - by Thursday night.

Stephanie Meyer is a wonderful author, and the world she created in Forks, Washington, is amazing. But I must say that I am glad to have returned from Forks and come back to my life in Champaign. Now I'm free to go obsess about something else.

Although - I hope she decides to write Jacob and Renesmee's story sometime!


Geekwif said...

I'm glad you enjoyed them. And that your soul wasn't tainted by reading a vampire book. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok BG, I haven't read the books and probably won't do so. Being a "dude" I probably don't have the necessary genes for the book to get it's claws into me. But I have to admit your enjoyable blog about it makes me understand how the story line has the ability to appeal to so many.
I happened to surf by my own neglected blog this morning and saw a comment from you. I think Facebook has taken some of the steam out of blogging for me but I still have that spark deep down that wants to continue sharing parts of my life with and being a part of others lives through blogging. Looks like you're not "obsessive" about it but have stayed a little more steady with entries than I have.

MissMeliss said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the Twilight books. I could never get into them - I guess I prefer my vampires evil, dark, and scary.

Also, there was a bit too much teen angst for me.

But hey, the beauty of literature is that we're all free to try many books and keep what we like.

And I do understand the enjoyment that comes from escaping into a fictional world for a while...and the separate enjoyment that comes when you return from a virtual adventure.