Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Total Rant

just want to go on record as saying that today totally sucked.


1. Back injury. Physical Therapy. Pain. 'Nuff said.
2. My FB account got hacked.
3. Then they hacked my Yahoo account.
4. And erased all my contacts.
5. THEN they hacked my Gmail account.
6. AND erased all the contacts, there, too.
7. My husband worked for hours to get them back. During this time we got about 30 calls and emails from friendly folks whose computers were under attack from our computer because we got hacked.
8. Then our daughter came home in pain
9. So we took her to the doctor. Ear Infection.
10. We came home and my family tried the chocolate creme brulee that I made for the first time. I did it right. They didn't like it.
11. THEN Facebook disabled my account for the whole hacking episode and I didn't even do anything wrong!

Uh huh. SUCKED!!!! I'm going to bed. Let's see how I can mess that up.


Paul Nichols said...

If you will call me over for Chocolate creme brulee, we'll be best friends forever and your day won't be so bad, after all.

I'm getting ready to try my hand at chocolate souffle. Want some?

Blond Girl said...

Sounds wonderful! I wish we were just down the street and we could trade chocolate desserts!