Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Like Skin on Pudding

Have you ever made pudding from scratch or from a mix - the cook kind? You know how, as it cools, it forms a skin on top that shrinks, pulling away from the edges? Well, that's how I feel right now and why I haven't been writing lately. I have a very bad habit of pulling away when I am stressed, overloaded and lonely. I've been away from home since July 7th. It's getting old and hard. However, Champs and Sweet Girl did come to Minnesota last Friday and went home on Tuesday. It gave me and Champs the chance to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary (albeit a bit late) and me the chance to hold my girl as much as possible.

4 1/2 days... a small bit of Heaven. Just not enough. So... I am pudding and I'm pulling away.

Now if I just knew how not to.

Some comments from this post:

kenju said...
Can you just keep your eye on the day that you will return to them?

Geekwif said...
What Kenju said. ;)

Carmi said...
The skin on top of the pudding was always the best part, the stuff I'd linger over with my spoon as I sat in my grandmother's kitchen and watched her fuss over me.
Thinking of you as you work through this challenging period. I hope the relative dearth of blog entries is a sign that you're busy and engaged. Judy's absolutely right: every day brings you one day closer.

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