Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Freeway Flirt?

Now that I'm here, Mom has been giving me rides to work each day, which I greatly appreciate. I have to admit, though, that after nearly a year away, I've forgotton how it can be to drive in real traffic. Every time I hear a Champaign resident complain about the traffic, I chuckle to myself and think, "You don't know JACK about traffic!" This week has proven my point. The gridlock today was especially henious; all four lanes of the highway were moving at a snail's pace.

On the way home, Mom's car started to overheat a bit so we opened the windows and turned off the air conditioner. Normally, I wouldn't drive with the windows open on the highway, but 88 degrees and slow moving traffic convinced me it wasn't a problem. As we were inching alone, I looked back at Sweet Girl sitting in the back looking a bit bored. I flashed her the "I love you!" sign, but she didn't see it. So I turned my head toward the back seat and loudly called out (remember, we were in traffic with the windows open), "hi Cutie!".

I no sooner had the words out of my mouth when my mom started giggling. I asked her what was so funny and she discretely pointed to the car next to us - and to the older gentleman driving with his window open, grinning from ear to ear. Apparently, I had just made his day.

I'm a freeway flirt! Who knew?

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Geekwif said...
Too funny!
So, out of curiosity, is there a reason one should not drive with one's windows open on the freeway? Because my windows are always open in the summer, no matter what kind of road I'm driving on. With no a/c, I don't think I could stand it otherwise.

kenju said...
Aw, I'll bet he bragged to anyone who'd listen!

Linda said...
Sounds like you did a random act of kindness!
Didn't realize you were in Champaign (is that where you reside, or where you're training?), cuz I have a friend for you and sweet girl (about the same age, I think!)
Drivers have no clue how bad it really is until they drive Atlanta or DC...and I really think Atlanta is worse than any other place. I did the 4 year commute there....never again!

Shannin said...
OK, get real. Minneapolis traffic is NOTHING compared to Los Angeles traffic. Trust me on this. Of course, the worst traffic is a Sunday afternoon between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I will fall on my knees to see the "real" traffic in MSP...

5:34 PM
Bec said...
You asked, "Who knew?" Was that a joke? Because I thought EVERYONE knew. At least you weren't wearing your "Pentecostal Preacher's Wife All Bathed in Purity" outfit or you would have been giving mixed signals. Ah, the joy of a double life. Ha ha.

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