Wednesday, May 2, 2007

King Tut needs to take a bike ride, I guess...

First grade imparts much to our children. Knowledge, confidence and supreme authority on every question, I think. At least it seemed that way after talking with Sweet Girl. We were on our way home from daycare when I explained that I wanted to make southwestern salad, instead of tacos, for dinner.

"Oh, that's healthy!" she said. "Yeup", I replied. "Exercise is healthy, too, Mom. Like biking! It's on the healthy pyramid. Exercise and good eating are on the healthy pyramid. And I know where it is. Do you know where it is, Mom?"

"No, where is it?" I asked.

"In Egypt!"

Well, tell Tut to put that in his tomb with all the other treasures!

Here are some comments from this post:

kenju said...
Bless her sweet little heart! Soon (we hope) she will learn to tell the difference in the facts she is learning. That's so funny, though.

Geekwif said...
Too cute. Sounds just like your precocious little sweet girl. :)

Tracie said...
No wonder I dont' eat healthy or exercise....the food pyramid is in Egypt!!

Paul said...
I've never been to the pyramids myself. So please pass the pizza, M&Ms, burgers and all-things-chocolate. Thank you.
You've got a smart and creative little girl. Bless 'er heart.

Evelyn said...
You write very well.

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