Thursday, May 4, 2006

I Feel Pretty

My hair has gotten very long and has been feeling pretty lifeless - that's the way a lot of life has been feeling lately. My friends have been complaining about my reliance on ponytails. I needed to cut off some of the length and give myself a reason to use some styling mousse instead of a scrunchie every morning. Not to mention, I'll soon have to go on a bunch of job interviews for our new life in Illinois. Clearly, it was time for a haircut.

I used to have a gal named Lisa do my hair at a salon back before I met Champs, but I stopped going to that salon when Lisa left and started going to another salon every 11 months whether I needed it or not.

Well, my friend Amy told me about her hair stylist, Lisa, awhile back. She said she does hair in her home and recommended that I go. Meanwhile, another girl at church, Sarah, kept telling me I had to have her roommate, Lisa, cut my hair. I planned to go see Amy's Lisa, but I kept forgetting and forgetting to get Lisa's number. Finally a week or so ago I remembered and got it from Amy.

Yes, you guessed it - turns out Sarah's Lisa is Amy's Lisa who was my Lisa. Cue the Disney "small world" music... I had so much fun catching up with her! Her little girl and Sweet Girl played together while I got a triple foil color, cut and brow wax.

I took along a photo of Reese Witherspoon with the haircut she had in the movie "Just Like Heaven" as a starting point. No, I don't think I look like Reese, but we both have high cheekbones and pointed chins, so I felt that a cut that looks good on her will have a great chance of looking good on me. Lisa agreed, got out the scissors and, boom, 6 inches of my hair, GONE.

Now I have a shoulder length bob with lots of lovely blond highlights and lowlights. It has lots of layers and moment. I love it.

Plus, I got my brows waxed. It's been awhile. I won't kid you; it hurt! Especially the right eye. Those hairy little buggers didn't want to come out. I think my eyeball folded on that one it hurt so much. But I didn't yelp or cry or anything. Hey, I'm a woman. I've had 5 abdominal surgeries and I give myself 5 shots of insulin everyday. I can handle a little wax pain. That said, don't EVER ask me to get a bikini wax! Man, it just ain't happenin!

I feel pretty tonight. I needed this. Who knows? Maybe when the redness goes down, I might even post a picture of my new look.... Maybe.

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