Thursday, July 31, 2008

Will the real Blond Girl please stand up?

Have you ever gone so far from who you were previously that you have trouble finding the old person in the midst of the new? That is me. I've been walking through a two year identity crises that began when I packed up everything I ever knew of life in Minnesota, quit the job I loved and moved here to Illinois. I haven't written much lately because I keep thinking about the gaps - how much I've missed writing and how to bridge the Blond Girl who wrote everyday to the Blond Girl who spent the first 18 months in a new state putting out fires to this new Blond Girl who is finally setting out to create a new, permanent identity here.

So, instead I'll put it up for a vote. If I am still on any blog rolls or Typepads, I guess someone will see that I've finally written. And if they do see it, it should be someone who used to faithfully read my rants, ravings, and revelations and who I used to read in return. In anycase, I will leave it to your comments. I've been gone awhile. I'm interested in starting again, but I don't know where to start. So, if you have any suggestions on where to start or any questions on where to begin, then please leave me a comment. I will listen.

I promise.

Some comments from this post:
Thumper said...
Just pick a point and start writing again. Maybe "Since the episode of Blond Girl..."

Geekwif said...
"Once upon a time..."? ;-)
You are still the same Blond Girl you always were; you're just seeing life from a different perspective now. I look forward to reading more about the view from your new vantage point. Whatever you choose to focus on, I'm sure it will be wonderful.

Star said...
Start now. And write for yourself. Not anyone else.

JaneB said...
If you need a question, what about telling us what are the good things about your new situation, what's improved or changed in a way that you like just as much as you like the way it was before?